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3 Things That Can Go Wrong At an Event

3 Things That Can Go Wrong At an Event

More and more companies invest in corporate events every year. According to a survey, over 80% of corporate leaders believe that having regular company events is a key component of company success.

To put things into perspective, the number of companies in the United States that host regular events for their employees and clients has increased by an estimated 17% in just the last couple of years.

EventBut while it’s true that corporate events provide motivation and play a significant role in company success, it’s important to know that not all such events are successful.

Most companies that try to plan events in-house run the risk of it going awry. No matter how well-planned or well-organized it is, the lack of professional expertise adds the risk of things getting out of control.

Here are some common issues faced by organizations on the day of the event:

The Lack of a Defined Goal That Adds Value To the Event

A corporate event must have a pre-defined objective or goal to be successful. Just planning a picnic without having a clearly defined goal is a big mistake and a waste of company funds.

Before starting the event planning process, make sure you know what you’re trying to achieve with the event. Is it a team-building retreat? Or a training seminar to help your team become more skillful?

Poorly Managed On-Site Experience

An engaging event with a rock-solid agenda is a key component of success. But a good on-site experience that doesn’t leave your employees feeling frustrated is just as important. Some common pitfalls of poor on-site planning are long lines for food and beverages, outdated technology that makes verification hard, and being understaffed on the day.

Boring PartyLack of Appropriate Entertainment

Most employees work hard throughout the year and look forward to corporate events where they can have some fun and unwind. So even if your event goes smoothly and everything is well-organized, if the attendees are bored with the entertainment you provided, it’s a huge issue.

So make sure you hire professional event planners Bay Area that have experience in providing appropriate entertainment and games for corporate events that are both engaging and fun.


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