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4 Steps to Make Your Company Event More Inclusive

4 Steps to Make Your Company Event More Inclusive

When planning an event, it’s imperative that company leaders and event planners work in union to make it more inclusive for all employees.

Inclusivity in the workplace should transcend to the events outside the company as this can have an overall impact on the team’s performance. This is because the demographic appearance of the workforce is changing drastically. Statistics show that in 2020, there will be 60% less Caucasians in the workplace, and by 2025 75% millennials will dominate the workforce.

Co workersInclusivity and diversity go hand in hand in most progressive workplaces in the United States. Some of the biggest organizations in Silicon Valley practice new and improved strategies to promote diversity in their hiring and recruitment process.

A more inclusive company event ensures that all your employees have a good time and benefit from the team building efforts behind the event.

Here’s how you can make your company event more inclusive:

Make the menu diverse

Including food options that cater to a wide range of diets such as halal, kosher, vegan, vegetarian and more is always appreciated. It shows the amount of thought you were willing to put in the event and planning. When people have more options to eat they’re well-fed as well as happy.

Get appropriate entertainment


The element of fun needs to be able to reach out to all the attendees to ensure that their experience is wholesome and complete.

You can have multiple entertainment options as long as it’s someone you haven’t picked out only because you like them!

Get an objective perspective of what your demographics are and who your employees would be willing to see.

Diverse panel of speakers

If you want to arrange a speaker session to talk about leadership at your company event, it’ll add more value for your employees.

They will appreciate it even more if the panel of speakers is representative of all kinds of groups of people.


This will help your employees feel more hopeful about their ability to identify with successful people and get more interesting ideas.

Make sure the event is accessible

You are bound to have employees from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds. Make sure the location and venue of your event is one which is easily accessible for everyone to come to, especially if attendance is compulsory.

You can also provide scholarships to people so they can come to the event easily. Keep a flexible criterion for certain groups of people who are eligible to apply, such as single parents or people who live further away.

Ensure that the venue has accessible ramps, bathrooms etc. to help people move easily.

Run a thorough evaluation of the demographics of your employees and consider all their requirements etc. What do they need and want measures are you taking to be able to cater to them?

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