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4 Teambuilding Activities That Are Guaranteed to Steal the Show at Your Next Event

4 Teambuilding Activities That Are Guaranteed to Steal the Show at Your Next Event

Every few years, transformative changes come about in organizational work environments. And the last cycle has been no different.

Organizations used to overwork employees immensely and only cared about productivity. In recent years, though, they have realized the flaw in this system: spending more hours at work doesn’t necessarily mean more work is being done. In fact, it only increases resentment and demotivation in the workforce, resulting in more people quitting and the quality of work deteriorating.

Leaders of organizations need to embrace employee motivation, as stated by Forbes, and teambuilding activities are one way to do so. There are various benefits of organizing teambuilding activities, which we’ve covered over on our blog. Here are some teambuilding activities that will surely be a great success, especially if incorporated into a corporate event:

Battle of the air bands

Having karaoke sing-offs is a thing of the past! It’s also a pretty unfair competition considering that not everyone is naturally gifted when it comes to singing.

To level the playing field, we’ve come up with a “Battle of the Air Bands.” You can play this in teams, or go solo.

The contestants lip sync the song being played out with as much emotion and drama as possible. The crowd can cheer for the contestant they find the most entertaining.

Masterchef — office edition

Team cookingMasterchef is a popular show in the United States, mainly because of the intricate foods that are prepared on it and the overly critical judges. So why not organize a Masterchef in your very own organization?

A few rounds can be set up, like running a pop-up restaurant, a relay recipe challenge, and mystery boxes. Each of these challenges improves communication, increases trust, and allows employees to take on leadership roles.

Escape room

Haven’t heard of an escape room? It’s where a team of people is locked in a room with clues, and they need to find a way out. And the way out isn’t as easy as you think. The team has to work together to decode the clues given to them.

You can prepare an escape room and get a team together to play the game. Your employees will come out much closer.

Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts were so much fun when we were kids; the thrill of finding every object, coupled with the laughs along the way, were emotions we look back on so fondly.

So prepare a fun scavenger hunt for the employees of your organization. Divide them into groups and have a grand prize on offer to motivate them. A scavenger hunt works well as a teambuilding activity as tasks need to be delegated; if any one member’s performance is poor, it affects the whole team.


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