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All Work, No Play, Makes Jack a Dull Boy! How To Not Make your Events a Boring Social Function

All Work, No Play, Makes Jack a Dull Boy! How To Not Make your Events a Boring Social Function

In order to maintain the same standard of work quality, companies need to relax their rules and allow workers to blow off steam once in a while. As a matter of fact, leisure is as important to productivity as technical expertise.

Following a set schedule every day for 365 days is no easy job. Statistics reveal that more than 70% of the working population feels disengaged at work.


Supervisors can have a transformative impact on the work environment as 80% workers reported being unhappy working under their supervisors. If you really want your work team to not be part of these cohorts, you need to have fun social events.

Here’s what you can do.

Steer Clear of the Conventions

When it comes to social events, corporate companies usually play it safe and stick to a conventional event plan.

With workplace challenges growing and workplace frustration growing even more, just a round of drinks or a fancy lunch won’t be enough.

Employers don’t deem social functions as important as they should be, and that’s what you might be lacking as well. What’s a better way to have fun than play games?

Bungee Run

Don’t be afraid of stretching it a little too far because it’s all worth it in the end. A bungee run is just what you need if you’re taking a fun-loving lot for a day out!


All you have to do is move as far as possible on a 35-foot long runway, while being attached to bungee cords, and mark your record with Velcro markers.

As hard it is to stretch these cords to their maximum potential, it’s even more fun when they finally snap and you’re pulled by all of a sudden!

Bouncy Boxing

Ever thought how thrilling it would be to actually step inside a boxing ring? And if you’re concerned about safety, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

You’ll be wearing a safety helmet and boxing gloves while you practice some punches on the inflatable bouncy ring. Awaken the child inside you and show us your best moves in a boxing match!

TwisterGiant Twister

When was the last time you competed with another for the last spot? Probably the time you applied for your current position at your company!

This giant twister will change the way you struggle to be on the same dot with another. Much larger than the regular twister mat, this inflatable Twister spreads over 225 square feet, making room for your entire work team.

Are you ready for some fun then?

With over 30 years of experience, we’re the most reliable event planners Bay Area you’ll find in the industry. We can plan social events for corporate companies in the Bay Area that motivate employees better than any bonuses. Call us.

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