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An Outdoor Corporate Event Can Boost Employee Morale

An Outdoor Corporate Event Can Boost Employee Morale

Many workers feel that office environments are highly stressful and competitive where even hard work is not fairly rewarded. Terms like ‘daily grind’ and the ‘rat race’ are mostly used to describe everyday work life. In such a stressful environment, boosting the morale of your team can be tough.

When companies don’t pay attention to employee satisfaction they suffer from lack of productivity and low employee retention. Organizations must entertain their employees and strive to increase their satisfaction if they want to improve their productivity and bottom line. People with positive morale stay more focused on their work and don’t consider challenging assignments as chores, but rather see them as a chance to improve their skills.

The question is how can you boost the morale of your employees? An outdoor corporate event can do the trick!

An outdoor event can make your employees feel valuable and show to them how much you care about their happiness and satisfaction. When you organize an outdoor event for your employees, they’ll know that your business ideas are unconventional and you put employee satisfaction at the forefront.

Are you thinking about organizing an outdoor corporate event for your employees now? No? It seems you’re hard to convince, so we’ll present nine ways in which an outdoor corporate event can boost the morale of your employees and persuade them to feel more valued.

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  1. Empowering Messages

Corporate outdoor events can instill determination. For example, a natural theme of waterfalls, trees, landscape and flowers can have positive effects on your employees and it can make them feel more content. Spending time with fellow colleagues in a peaceful environment without any worries can make employees forget about everything stressful in life.

When they’ll return to work after the event, they’ll be more interested in working and might even break their set performance goals. 

  1. Relaxation

Outdoor corporate events are excellent for employees because they are relaxing. Corporate events are mostly organized in quiet and peaceful locations to help people feel more relaxed and break free from their dull office routine. Employees feel good to hang out with their colleagues for something other than work. They can indulge in good music, an enjoyable sport and feel more energized and determined.

  1. A Definite Change

Corporate events and meetings in a ballroom and conference halls are boring and too mainstream. You should consider a park or other kinds of outdoor locations for your corporate events and meetings because they bring a positive change to your business.

Employees will look forward to attending corporate events or meetings when it’s somewhere outside because they’ll be able to breathe fresh air and communicate more openly in an unconventional setting.

  1. Better Communication

People feel free when they’re not restrained in a formal space. They are more willing to share ideas with each other and collaborate. Outdoor environments also boost creativity and employees can come up with more productive ideas when they are given the chance to brainstorm in an open environment.

  1. Picnics for Productivity

A picnic as an outdoor event is a great way to promote a productive work-environment. Gather your employees on a Thursday evening and share the news of a picnic on Friday morning. You’ll see how happy your employees will be to hear this news. They won’t miss out on this chance to socialize, have lunch, play games and enjoy out in the open. 

When they’ll return to work on Monday, they’ll be feeling all refreshed and ready to tackle the tasks at hand. They won’t feel tired or stressed out as they had the time to relax and break free from the dull boring office routine. The end result: more productive work environment.

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  1. Activity-Based Corporate Events

Activity-based corporate events can, not only increase employee morale, but also help in building team spirit and show employees how working collaboratively and sharing ideas can make them more productive. Activities can include physical activities or problem solving challenges or both, which would bring your team together to find solutions and offer their unique skills to complete the challenge and help their team win.

  1. Recognize Skills of Employees

Outdoor corporate events can help employees establish long-term relationships with their colleagues. Often times, corporate events allow managers to recognize the talents and skills of employees and later, bring their talent to good use for projects in the office. Employees are not always able to exhibit their full potential in the restricted office environment, but when given an opportunity to show cast their talent, they don’t hold back. They show their true potential and what they’re truly capable of achieving. 

  1. Employees Feel Valued

When you’ll send an invitation to each employee individually, they’ll feel valued. They’ll know that you care about their needs and it’s not just all about business. Their morale will improve and they’ll remain committed to giving their 100%.

  1. Creating Memories

Weeks after an outdoor corporate event, you’ll find your employees laughing together and discussing how great the event was. All the fun, the mishaps, the food, the activities and the conversation they had will stay in their minds forever. Your employees will cherish these memories and share them with their colleagues which would strengthen their bonds. It will help to build a foundation of friendship and respect that will ultimately improve the culture of your workplace.

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In a nutshell, when you’ll take your employees on an outdoor corporate event, they’ll be able to escape the daily grind.  It will send the message that your company cares about the morale and wellbeing of its employees. Thus, hosting outdoor corporate events can help keep your employees more productive and can make a happier workplace where everyone would love to work for the growth of the company.

Do you now think that your employees deserve an outdoor corporate event for all the hard work they are doing for your business? Yes? Then have one planned and give your employees a surprise the coming weekend. Contact our experts to discuss the type of corporate event you would like and the venue that would appeal to your employees. Call us today at 408-298-3001 to schedule a free consultation.

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