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Casino Party – James Bond Theme

Casino Party – James Bond Theme

Above shot of casino party

Imagine this… you walk into a room and it’s like you’re stepping onto the set of the James Bond movie. A stage specifically set for a live enactment straight out of Casino Royale with a professional James Bond look-a-like actor and two Bond Girl models, a night of casino gambling, drinking signature martini’s and beautiful people dressed in evening fashion while the DJ plays all the Bond Theme favorites and contemporary music.

First you grab a Martini while casually working yourself around the food stations, the casino gaming tables, the photo booth and dance floor. Seems like this is going to be a great party.

What’s that? You spot a poker table situated right on the Dance floor. Hmmm what’s that for? Then enters…. James Bond striking up a scripted, dramatic and fun filled conversation with your CEO at the bar while both are micro-phoned up. Just before it get’s too crazy Bond is escorted to the poker table on the dance floor with two beautiful women hovering over his shoulder. Wait? Who could that be sitting across from him? OMG, it’s the CEO of your company with a couple other colorful characters and it looks like they’re about to have an epic game of high stakes poker with an element of surprise, intrigue and a little campy danger. How fun is that? And, what a great way to kick off an evening of celebration, dancing, gaming and surprise.

Your now decide to grab some more food and another iced cold Martini, stirred never shaken. The food is amazing and exactly what you asked for well designed for your guests based within your budget. The ambient LED lights in the room are pulsing along with the music while creating a world class experience of changing color and effect.

While you loop back around some friends ask you to come take a picture with them in the photobooth…. look there is Bond and the Bond Girls posing for Photo Ops, wait until your friends and family see this. You grab some props, dress up and strike a pose with James Bond, his beauties, your co workers or wife and members of your team.

Now you decide to check out the casino gaming area and you spot a beautiful Craps table, it looks like fun and everyone is making noise as they call out “Come on baby, Seven come Eleven”. You see the Authentic Sahara Money Wheel, just like in Las Vegas…. wow I’ve never seen that before and after a few spins you’re now ready to try your luck at the Blackjack, Poker and Roulette tables. You play a few rounds with friends and enjoy the chance to get to know your colleagues a little better.

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