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Creative Ideas for a Corporate Event

Creative Ideas for a Corporate Event

Corporate events aren’t easy to plan. From selecting a venue to inviting the guests and organizing delicious food, there are many things you must focus on to create an engaging and immersive experience for the guests. When the task of organizing a corporate event is assigned to a planning committee, they struggle to make the arrangements.

The major struggle for event planning committee is to make the corporate event fun and engaging for the attendees. To address this struggle of planning committees, we have compiled a list of creative ideas that are bound to make a corporate event fun and engaging for everyone who’s attending. So without further ado, let us take a look at some creative ideas for a corporate event.

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1. Graphic Recordings of the Meeting Agenda

If you are planning a meeting with your company employees and stakeholders, you’ll probably be thinking about using the same old PowerPoint presentations to present your agenda. Let’s face it: PowerPoint presentations are boring. Instead, you should present the meeting agenda or important points of discussion in the form of graphic recording. Take a look at these brilliant graphic recordings. You can have the same designed for your company meeting to make your discussion more engaging and forceful.

2. Comedy Show

Comedy shows are best for corporate events organized in the winter months. The reason is that winter in some states can be very hard. Some people feel down during the cold months when there’s less sun light. You can cheer them up by hiring a stand-up comedian for your corporate event. You can have the stand-up comedian tailor their act to focus on your team or company. Your employees will giggle, chuckle and enjoy the show.

3. Live Sketching and Caricatures

Everyone loves a special personalized gift. You can hire a live painter or caricaturist to make magnificent portraits of all your employees. The setup isn’t too complicated and it does not require a lot of space. You can easily make the arrangements in your corporate event to make it more appealing for your guests. Your guests will be able to take their portraits home with them and they’ll remember you for this memorable gift.

4. Augmented Reality

The game Pokemon Go became immensely popular when it was launched. The reason is that people love when a game brings fantasy into the real surroundings. But how does Pokemon relates to corporate events? Well, you can take some inspiration from this game. Using augmented reality, you can create a unique scavenger hunt. Different items can be added to add excitement and increase engagement of the participants. Companies like ARVR Tech can create custom AR applications for scavenger hunts and other interesting activities.

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5. Drone Show

If you want to leave a lasting impact on your attendees, drone show is an ideal creative idea for a corporate event. Drone shows have become popular nowadays and are organized in different types of events. A few months ago, Intel flied 2,018 drones over one of its facilities and set a new Guinness World Record. You can organize a drone show for your corporate event; however, it will cost you a lot of money. So, make sure you can afford to include a drone show in your event.

6. Shadow Art

Shadow art is our personal favorite. It is an amazing way to tell a story or won’t let anyone get bored. You can engage your employees in an impressive shadow show. Assign them different roles and allow them to take the stage to practice and perfect their act. It will not only create a fun and engaging evening, but also allow your employees to become a part of the act- something they may not have experienced before.  

7. Holograms

Imagine how amazing your corporate event will be if holograms of characters or people popped up during the event. Creating holograms is costly. However, if you can afford it, you’ll be able to pull off something your guests will never forget. When planning to create holograms in your corporate event, make sure to discuss your requirements with a company like Holoxica Limited who specialize in holographic projections. 

8. Atmospheric Entertainment

It isn’t necessary that you gather all your guests in a dedicated space for a corporate event entertainment. You can strategically place different pieces/acts of entertainment throughout your event. For example, you can have a pianist play the piano in the dining area and tell the portrait artist to stay in the hall to create portraits of your guests. Similarly, a magician and mime can walk though your corporate event entertaining everyone with their acts. 

9. Video Mapping

Video mapping is ideal for conferences. It can help you show off the culture and brand of your company during the conference. Conferences normally involve workshops and meetings. However, entertainment is essential in these events to give your attendees a break. This does not mean that you should shift the focus of the conference away from the brand. With the help of video mapping, you can dazzle all your guests with remarkable projections. You can include your company brand, colors and logo to ensure the focus stays on your brand.

10. Live Music

You can make your corporate event more fun and engaging by hiring a DJ or a band for live music. Everyone loves music and it can bring your employees together on the floor. Make sure that your venue has enough space for your employees to dance and show off their moves.

11. Escape Room

For your corporate event, you can take your employees to an escape room. Escape rooms have become extremely popular in the last few years. Many companies reward their employees for their hard work by taking them to an escape room. In the escape room, your employees will be required to work together to crack clues and escape the room. Escape room are thus great for team building activities and are bound to increase collaboration and teamwork between your employees.

12. Halloween-Themed Party

If you are planning to organize a corporate event in October, a Halloween party would be perfect. Decorate your venue with scary pumpkins, giant spiders, coffins, spooky standing props, blood bags, and skeleton heads to create a spine-chilling atmosphere. Spooky Halloween costumes are essential for a Halloween party. So, tell your guests about the Halloween theme and ask them to wear amusing and creative Halloween costumes. Your guests will love the Halloween theme and will surely have a great time at your corporate event.

Important Things to Keep in Mind

We hope the creative ideas for a corporate event discussed above have given you some inspiration for planning your next corporate event. When choosing a creative idea for your corporate, keep these important things in mind:

  • Make sure that your corporate event idea is appealing to your audience. Consider the interests of your audience. For example, if your audience comprises of executives, they wouldn’t enjoy a live music show. Therefore, it is important to consider the interests of your audience when planning a corporate event.
  • You should make sure that the corporate event ties with your company and your brand.
  • Keep your budget under consideration when planning corporate event. How much will the drone show cost? Can you afford atmospheric entertainment? Answer these kinds of questions before moving forward.


Planning a corporate event is hard. Making it fun and engaging is another beast. Planning committees mostly struggle to make corporate event fun and engaging.  The reason is that they lack experience and aren’t aware of the things that can make a corporate event fun and engaging. We have discussed the creative ideas to help event planning committee organize fun and engaging corporate events.

When you are the head of event planning committee, take inspiration from the ideas highlighted above. Depending on the goals of your corporate event, choose an idea that best aligns with your company brand. If you are struggling to choose from this list of creative ideas for a corporate event, discuss your situation with a professional event planner. Professional event planners have the experience of organizing corporate events. This allows them to come up with creative ideas that can make corporate events more appealing for the guests. A professional event planner can help you plan a corporate event that your guests would love.

When you require services of a professional event planner, contact The Great Event. At The Great Event, we can cater all your requirements and organize a fun and engaging corporate event. Just tell us the type of corporate event you wish to be organized and we’ll make it happen. Alternatively, you can leave it to our professional event planners to come up with a creative corporate that will provide a memorable experience to your guests.

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