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Party Décor Suggestions for a Halloween Bash

Who doesn’t like a wickedly party at this time of the year, with a bit of spooky oomph? If you’re planning to throw a Halloween bash for your colleagues or friends, you’d rather have them feel well-treated than tricked into wasting their night. (more…)

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An Eventful Event: Tips for Corporate Event Planning

Planning a huge corporate event isn’t as easy as it may seem. It’s not just about inviting the right people; it’s also about planning the right activities. As one of the leading corporate event planning companies in the Bay Area since 1987, we’re here to let you in on some of our secrets: Here are some tips for organizing a successful corporate event: (more…)

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No “I” In Team: The Best Teambuilding Activities for Your Next Corporate Event

Teambuilding activities are designed to improve morale and motivate employees. They’re also designed to improve communication within teams. Whether your team realizes it or not, the right kind of teambuilding activity can make the office atmosphere better. (more…)

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Powerful Strategies for Embedding Social Impact into Your Next Corporate Event

Fundraisers and corporate events may not seem like they go together, but there are plenty of ways you can create awareness and ensure your event is successful. Today, it’s not enough for brands to have good products. They need to be able to build a relationship with their customers. (more…)

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Catering Service

Penne for Your Thoughts: Creative Catering Tips for Your Next Corporate Event

You’ve been tasked with the responsibility of organizing the next corporate party for your company. As the department head, you may be the go-to person for everything work-related, but when it comes to planning events, you could use a little help! (more…)

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