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Fabulous Feud

Fabulous Feud

With The Fabulous Feud teambuilding game show and entertainment, the attendants will be arranged into an even amount of teams. Each team, of up to (6) members, stand behind opposing gaming stations separated by the host podium and a large Plasma Screen game board. Each member takes turns guessing the most popular answers to questions polled by 100 random people or their own coworkers! After each team has had their first round, the elimination rounds begin and go all the way to the final round, where last two teams duke it out and the team with the highest score wins!

Includes: sound, a wireless mic, contestant podiums, buzzers and a professional game show host along with a programmed laptop and large plasma TV.

Enhance your team building game show entertainment with stage lighting, set design, large format video screen and theme decor with food and beverage hospitality and winning prizes. Need a location? Just let us know.