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How Social Media can Improve Corporate Events and Fundraisers

How Social Media can Improve Corporate Events and Fundraisers

It can take weeks and months to plan and organize a corporate event or fundraiser. In order to get the best results out of your hard work, you need to promote the event. Social media is a powerful tool to get your word across. There are over 243.6 million users on social media application; that’s the majority of your target audience. To improve your event’s outreach, you cannot make the mistake of foregoing social media.

Here are some ways to build the hype for your organization’s corporate or fundraising event:

Create a Facebook event

FacebookFacebook informs and reminds users about upcoming events near them. Whether it’s your best friend’s birthday or a fundraising ball, a Facebook event is a must.

This event page must be carefully created. It must list all important details about the program like the date, time, venue, dress code, etc. It also allows you to post pictures and real-time updates. You can also easily notify invited guests about changes in plans.

The reminder option of Facebook also gives regular memos to guests who are ‘interested’ or are ‘going’ to the event. This way guests won’t forget the event is coming up.

Facebook events can be public or private. To get the most engagement and have a successful event, keep the event public for others to see that aren’t necessarily ‘invited’ via Facebook.

Create a hashtag for the event

Hashtags are an easy way to keep track of your engagement and reach on Twitter and Instagram. Those interested in the event can look up the relevant hashtags to get the information they are looking for.

Those taking pictures at the event can also use the hashtag to help increase the likes and viewers of their images. It’s free publicity and promotion of your company!

Prepare a gripping video

Visual content fairs much better than written. Prepare a high-quality video for your fundraiser and post it on Facebook. More people will be likely to click on a video to get quick information on your event.

CameraMake sure the video posted includes important information like the event date, time, and ticket price. Often teaser videos for events don’t have much information in them which can lead to the viewer losing interest.

Invite celebrities and influencers

Many celebrities are heavily invested in philanthropic work; use that to your advantage when planning your fundraising event. Invite celebrities who work toward similar causes to the ones your corporation is raising funds for.

Celebrities often update followers on where they are going and what they are doing; the same goes for influencers, your corporation and the event will receive more attention, as a result.

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