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Interactive Games List

Interactive Games List


ROAD RALLY RACE TRACK** (Pictured Above)

Bungee Run **
Two contestants hook on big bungee cords attached to harnesses and then run down the 35-foot long runway, stretching the cords. The players try to stick the Velcro markers at the furthest point possible before the cords snap them back down the inflatable runways. The two racetracks measure 3′ wide X 7′ high and give participants a fun and safe area to test their strength against the bungee cord & each other. Dimensions: 12′ X 35′

Bouncy Boxing **
Participants wear oversized, protective boxing gloves & helmets as they battle each other in the inflatable bouncy boxing ring. Safe and fun for all ages. 13′ X 13′

Cash Cube ** (2/4 person)
Our cash cube stands over 8′ tall and is designed to look just like a giant Las Vegas slot machine. Great for casino parties, grad nights or any prize giveaway event. Our game swirls real or paper money, prize tickets or anything you want to give away and includes our casino staff dealer to cheer on & instruct participants.

Double Shot Basketball **

Giant Inflatable Dual Slide 24 ft **
Up to four people can ride this awesome slide at the same time. With two attendants working the ride, up to 600 can slide per hour providing fun for thousands. 28’H X 50’L X 20’W.

Giant Twister **
Here’s the original game with an even bigger twist: There’s 225 square feet of pure inflatable fun! Intertwine and compete with your friends for a dot! Do you have what it takes to keep your balance? 15’L X 15’W X 2H’

Gladiator Joust  **
Two participants climb atop two adjustable height, 24” wide pedestals. They strike, swat, and nudge each other with oversized, foam padded jousting poles, trying to knock each other off their respective pedestal. The gladiators wear padded gloves, head and face- protecting helmets and are surrounded.

Jumbo Rainbow Bounce **

Log Jammer Obstacle **

Obstacle Course **
Two participants take off and run thru tunnels, over hills, into obstacles. Then they climb an inflatable mountain and slide down to the end. Can be an obstacle course with climb and slide or separated for just the climb and slide. Safe & fun for all ages. Includes 1 staff. 40’L X 15’W X 15’H.

Rainbow Slide **

Sumo Wrestling
Battle to the finish in the honorable (and Hysterical) SUMO WRESTLING. Two combatants put on our huge foam – filled sumo suits, miwashi (diaper), sumo wig and helmet and face off in a true Sumo Wrestling bout. 25’X 25′ area.

Wacky Trikes
This fun adults sized provides a fun, quiet, and easy to operate game for scooter racing enthusiasts. This over sized trike is perfect for active kids, teens and adults. Includes: racetrack, staff and accessories.

** Req’s 20 Amps min./Generator(s)