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In Jeoparty, our Jeopardy styled teambuilding game show and entertainment, each team sends one member per round to represent their team (up to four contestant podiums are available, along with the host podium) for classic rounds of high-powered Jeoparty game action.

The winners of the round will earn points for the entire team. By the end of the event, each team member will have had his or her shot at glory and help promote the corporate goodwill. Oh yea, and the team with the most points wins all the glory!

Includes: sound, a wireless mic, contestant podiums, buzzers and a professional game show host along with a programmed laptop and large plasma TV.

Enhance your team building game show entertainment with stage lighting, set design, large format video screen and theme decor with food and beverage hospitality and winning prizes. Need a location? Just let us know.