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Price is Right

Price Is Right

The Price is Right styled Game Show

“Come on Down!”

If you want your next Great Event to be loads of fun while having a little challenge, then just rent our ‘Price is Right’ styled game show fully hosted with all the classic game show games for your next event.

Higher or Lower: We will have 3 sets of 2 items each set placed on a skirted table. Contestants will have to guess which items is the higher or lower priced item of each set to be able to move on or be eliminated

Hole In One Golf: Contestants will have one chance to make a hole-in-one, but first, they will be asked to guess the price of an item. The amount they are off from the actual price will determine how many feet away from the hole they will have to putt from to make the hole.

Spin to Win (6 ft Wheel): Played like the traditional spin to win game on the Price is Right.

Shoot For Loot: We will have Nerf Basketball hoops set up with numbers placed around the room. Contestants will have to guess the price of a common item. The dollar amount your guess is off from the actual price will determine how far back you have to shoot from. You’ll get 3 tries to sink a basketball from that spot.

Dice Game: Contestants will roll the oversized dice and then guess which item has the price that is closest to the number they rolled.

With the Price is Right styled Game Show you’ll also get:

  • Contestant Podiums with LCD Read Outs
  • A Professional Host and Assistant
  • Wireless Mics
  • A Professional Sound System with Sound Bites
  • A Plasma Big Screen with PowerPoint Production

Includes: Delivery, Set up & Tear down with up to (2) hours of play time

Stage Dimensions required are apx. 30′ W x 20′ D

(Free estimates based on your location and group size)

Click or call today for the right game show package perfect for your event.