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On-site or Off-site Party?

On-site or Off-site Party?

The idea of a holiday party or company wide event should be something fun, exciting and a celebration that your employees will talk about for the ages. In fact, planning the holiday Christmas party is one of those important to-dos on any HR executives list.


Here are some questions to ask yourself. Are you throwing a yearend holiday party, a new product launch, milestone celebration or the new year kickoff event? Do you have the perfect location? Is it going to be an all-day affair or just a get down and boogie the night away party… or both?

When it comes to the perfect location, why not consider planning the company party on-site? This is the time for the CEO and his executive team to have a perfect chance to address the whole company in a fun environment. One where the employees are enjoying themselves and are usually eager to listen to the next step or the past successes in the company’s journey.

In saying that, we get this question asked quite a bit. “Should we have our Christmas party or celebration on site?” or “Do you think it would be better if we held our event at another location?”. Unfortunately, that question isn’t easy to answer. Obviously, there’s a lot of logistics that go into the equation of “The Perfect Company Party”.

After considering these questions and hopefully a keen consultation from a professional event or party planning company the only one that can answer that question is you… but with the cost saving factor alone of venue rentals, and the high prices for food & beverages off-site venues charge can help you determine the right answer.

Darryl Scotti Events, has been successfully planning on-site events for three decades and when it comes to having everything it takes to make it just right we are prepared. Over the year’s we have hosted thousands of corporate parties both off-site or on-site, although every party is unique to the needs of your company, each experience has to enjoyable, safe and worth the investment.

DSE offers a professionally trained staff of party planners and our owner, Darryl Scotti, takes great pride and care in working with you. He makes sure to take all your needs into account in order to produce them into reality.

With our professional team, we can see whether the items you are requesting could be fulfilled on-site or off-site. Sometimes this is driven by the budget, but often it depends on the kind of space you may need and what kind of space you may have available on-site. Let’s find out. Give us a call today at 408-298-3001.

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