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Relay Game List

Relay Game List


All Blown up: Each player on each team has to blow up a balloon and use the air in the balloon to blow (12 ) cups off of a table. The balloon can be blown up as many times as necessary to accomplish this task in (1) minute.

Big Foot Relays:Team relay race with BIG FOOT skis built for two in a test of coordination.

Blind Leading the Blind: Teams compete blindfolded and, vocally led by their Team Captain, are to retrieve colored balls placed in an area by the opposing team. Communication is the key to this game.

Coconut or Grapefruit Swing: Players wrap a pantyhose stocking around their waist. A  croquet ball is inside of one of the legs of the stocking and the players must swing their hips to create a pendulum effect with the croquet ball to knock the coconut (or grapefruit) across the playing field to the finish line.

Egg Spoon Relay: Teams compete with an Egg on a spoon and master the art of a steady hand.

Farmer John Clothes Relay: Teams must have each player wear Farmer Johns clothes

Flipper Relays: First person dons flippers and, at the whistle, runs down to the mark and back where he or she gives the flippers to the next team member. First team to have all its members complete the run wins! The upscale variation uses larger, more expensive equipment. All of the equipment listed comes with staff and includes two DSE officials to oversee the entire program.

Giant Horseshoe Toss: 

Granny Pants Relay: Teams three leg relay in over-sized Granny Pants.

Gunny Sack Relay: Teams jump up and down with a Gunny Sacks

Hockey Shoot Out: Teams run drills with a Hockey stick and a ball up a lane weaving in and out of a cone track and back to the next Team member.

Human Sphere Races: Teams compete in (2) oversized spheres on cone race lanes.

Land Skis: Land-Skis made out of a pair of boards with ropes attached. A team of three puts one foot on each board and takes the end of each rope in their hands. To move the skis to the other end of the course and back takes teamwork. You must pull up on the rope while moving the ski forward and do it in a synchronized manner. Teams go up and back then give the skis to the next three on their team.

Phony Express: Riders mount a stick horse and must gallop their trusty steed along a course while maintaining the proper equestrian form. This can be run as a single course or in a relay with multiple riders.

Shoe Kicking: How far can you fling your shoe across the field?

TicTacToe Relay: Each team lines up and memebers must race to be the first to get three in a row on the giant Tic Tac Toe Board

Wacky Trike Races: Teams compete on Giant Oversized Tricycle Dray Strip marked with cones. Bring your camera!

Walk the Plank: Teams compete on a 10’ long by 6” wide and 4” thick plank of wood. Three members stand on the plank next to each other and allow the remaining team members to pass by one at time. Fall off the plank… start over. First team to get all their Team members across wins.

Team Games

Egg Drop Challenge: Egg housed in container must survive

  • Being thrown from one team member to the next until everyone has caught it (if team is less than 8, they can catch it as many times as it takes to be thrown 7 times)
  • Thrower and receiver to be (2) arms length away from each other (5’-6’) and
  • Being dropped from the top of a 6’ ladder

Hoola-Hoop Brigade: Teams form a human chain and pass hoop over and under without breaking the chain. First team to complete the challenge wins.

PVC Build: Teams have ten minutes to build a freestanding, life-altering, prototype made out of pieces of PVC. The structure must have a name, a function and the Team Captain must come up with a compelling sales pitch. The judging criteria is based on creativity and design

Team Cheers (a must do… always a hilarious favorite closer!): All teams have ten minutes to script, choreograph and produce a team cheer. Teams are judged on originality, rhyme and choreography.


Water Balloon Catapults (Where permitted, outdoor only): Teams compete to see who can launch the most balloons past the opposing team while opposing teams try to intercept them in buckets without the balloons breaking. The team with the most intact balloons wins!

Water Bucket Brigade: Teams pass buckets filled with water (and holes) down the line.  Everyone must pass the small buckets to fill a large bucket.  (Repeat until large bucket is full). Another version is “Over & Under”. Team members pass it down the line over their heads and under their legs.