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Super Saver Teambuilding


Darryl Scotti Events, Inc.’ unique teambuilding and incentive programs are a perfect and affordable addition to any group gathering. Below is our most affordable plan for groups of 20 to 100.

The Super Saver Teambuilding is perfect for indoor and outdoor events. This Teambuilding setup will have your team up on their feet.

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Teams compete in all events and the team with the highest points wins. Novelty Medals are ceremoniously awarded and provided with your package.

– PVC Building Project: Teams have ten minutes to build a freestanding, prototype made out of pieces of PVC. The structure must have a name, a function, and the Team Captain must come up with a compelling sales pitch. The judging criteria is based on creativity and design.

– Walk The Plank: Teams compete on a 10’ long by 6” wide and 4” thick plank of wood. Three members stand on the plank next to each other and allow the remaining team members to pass by one at time. Fall off the plank… start over. First team to get all their Team members across wins.

– Triathlon Relays:

  • The Phony Express – and they’re off! Teams race neck-to-neck against one another in the Stick Pony races!
  • Giant Horseshoes – The traditional game just GIANT. Players throw giant horseshoes at the post hoping to hit a ringer.
  • The Great Hockey Shootout – Teams run drills with a Hockey stick and a ball up a lane weaving in and out of a cone track and back to the next Team member.

– Blind Leading the Blind: Teams compete blindfolded and vocally led by their Team Captain to retrieve colored balls placed in an area by the opposing team. Communication is the key to this game!

– Water Balloon Catapults (Where permitted, outdoor only): Teams compete to see who can launch the most balloons past the opposing team while opposing teams try to intercept them in buckets without the balloons breaking. The team with the most intact balloons wins!

– Giant Horseshoes: The traditional game just GIANT. Players throw giant horseshoes at the post hoping to hit a ringer

– Giant TicTacToe Relay: Teams line up and members race one-on-one to make three in a row before the other team! Each member must go at least once in the three round bouts and the team with the most wins (out of three) rounds wins!

– Giant Party Pong:

Custom Team Cheers (a must do… always a favorite closer!): All teams have ten minutes to script, choreograph and produce a team cheer. Teams are judged on originality, rhyme and choreography.

* We recommend choosing the Triathlon Relays and the Team Cheers as two of your five choices. And, we cannot stress this enough – Don’t forget to have your cameras ready!

Includes: Set up, Field Marker Cones, Team Flags, Game Host and Facilitators to run your customized activities for a two hour, fun filled, competitive Teambuilding event.

Need Catering? Beverages? Other Entertainment?

Call us and ask about our fresh, grilled on-site BBQ, refreshing beverage service and optional entertainment

(min. order of 100 guests is required for Food and Beverage, smaller groups please inquire).