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Survival Styled Team Building

When you choose our ‘Survival Styled Team Building’ you get our customized recreational activities, skilled facilitators and everything you need to gather the troops and get them pumped up. Perfect for corporate incentives or special event celebrations. Ask about our customized team building with our food and beverage plans that make the day your complete Company Team Building Event for group sizes from 10 to 1000!

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Interactive Survival Styled Games Seven teams receive colored Bandana Buffs and compete. One team gains immunity from each challenge until one team stands. Winning teams move forward and the team with the most wins and/or immunities wins survival.

***Choose Any Four Games***

  • Blind Leading the Blind
    Five teams compete blindfolded and led by their team leader to retrieve balls placed in view by the opposing team. Teams place 1 through 4.
  • Custom Team Cheers
    All teams have ten minutes to script, choreograph and produce a team cheer. Teams are judged on Originality, Rhyme and Choreography.
  • Remote Control Car Races
    All teams choose one driver to navigate 1/20 scale remote control race car and compete two teams at a time in a figure eight race. Scored through elimination the top three teams battle it out for first place.
  • Towering Objectives
    The activity challenges teams to design and construct a tower out of cards and tape– that will hold the weight of up to 40 oz. resting on top of it. each team needs to communicate it’s strategy. Winning criteria are based on weight barring, esthetics and design.
  • Land Ski Relays(outdoor weather permitting)
    Four teams compete on Land Skies made for three in a test of coordination skill relays.
  • Raft Building Project with Alligators(outdoor weather permitting)
    Six teams have ten minutes to build a raft and carry a sick (inflatable Alligator) on a coarse of check points where clues and riddles must be answered in order to move on to the finish line.
  • PVC Building Project(indoor substitute for Land Skies or raft Building)
    Six teams have ten minutes to build a structure made out of pieces of PVC. The team that builds the highest freestanding structure wins. Winning criteria are based on height, esthetics and design.

Includes: Facilitator, hosted and customized scripted activities for a one hour fun filled competitive team building.

Recreational Activities (see: Olym-picnic Relays)

Zany relays for adults and children with ribbons and medals

Entertainment (see: Entertainment)

Live Music, Putt Putt & Frisbee Golf Tournament, Softball, Volleyball, Horseshoes, Variety Artists, Carnival & Midway Games, Strolling Musicians and more

Survivor Styled Olympic Relays

Teams of 6 to 12 compete in zany relay antics never before seen on Olympic TV coverage. Each team will race across the field wearing oversized swim fins. Once they finally get there they remove the fins, putting hula-hoops around their waist and make five full rotations. The race continues as they head back to the starting line holding a water-filled balloon between their knees, drop the balloon and you fall behind. Break the balloon and you’re penalized and if that’s not enough each team then repeats the process again, but this time in reverse order! The first team to complete the race is the winner. Bring your cameras and cheer on your favorite team. The top 3 winning teams, via elimination, win novelty ribbons and medals.

This hosted relay game package will last about 1 hour.
Not your ordinary Olym-picnic Relay Game!

Video Presentation Available by Appointment

Customized Menus and Pricing Available upon Request
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