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The Right Stuff

The Right Stuff

Welcome to The Right Stuff; an exciting new interactive game using skill, speed and your ability to read between the lines to decipher the clues and come back with the Right Stuff.

So get your walking shoes on, your thinking cap warmed up, compass ready and your stop watch set to go. It’s a race!

The ‘Right Stuff’ is a scavenger hunt designed to test the skills of even the brightest alla The Amazing Race. The basic idea is for teams to decipher word puzzles and figure out the location where the task at hand is to be performed. Go to the location and return with the answer or the item to receive the next puzzle or start over. Everyone goes off in a different direction while each team performs every element.

The nearest watering hole ís where we set up the control station manning the clues and facilitating the team challenges. A full game consists of apx. 6 puzzles depending on the size of the group and how long you want the game to run. Each team needs someone to take charge of the manual (each team only gets one), youíll need a map person, a pad & pencil person, someone to handle the additional clues, and some assorted smart people to help figure the thing out. The actual map used by each team is 11 x 17.

The real fun for a corporate team exercise comes in the customized materials provided. We research the group and include inside information about the group’s products, agendas, milestones, buzzwords, etc.