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5 Gender-Reveal Party Games That Will Keep Your Guests Guessing

5 Gender-Reveal Party Games That Will Keep Your Guests Guessing

Becoming a parent is the perfect time to celebrate and rejoice with friends and family!

We’re sure they’re all excited about the arrival of the newest addition to the family; the bundle of joy who you’ve all been waiting for.

But you know what they’d really love? To be a part of all the excitement that’s going on!

One fun way to involve your loved ones in the joy and happiness of having a baby—and show them that you appreciate their feelings of goodwill–is to organize a gender reveal party.

With some super fun games, good food, and even better desserts, we’re sure they’ll all recognize how grateful you are for their love and support.

Here are some awesome gender reveal party game ideas that are sure to keep your guests guessing!

Party decorationsHe Or She Gender Reveal Game

The He or She gender reveal game is simple, classy, yet fun.

It consists of a framed picture with blue and pink hearts to represent the possible gender.

Each guest gets to write their name on one of the hearts.

Finally, the parents will judge, and the people with their names on the correct heart win gifts!

He Or She Pop To See

This is another fun game to bring to the gender-reveal table for a round of excitement and joy.

For this game, you’ll need a huge board and lots of balloons.

Fill the balloons with blue and pink glitter to signify both genders before blowing them up and pasting them on the board.

Next, watch in excitement as guests pop the balloons to reveal the color inside!

The ones who get the right color get gifts!

Desserts tableBaby Name Game

This game is fun, exciting, and also gives the new parents lots of ideas for baby names!

For this game, print out sheets of paper with all the alphabets written and pass them around to the guests.

The guests will then be given limited time to come up with as many names as they can with the alphabet they get.

Name The Baby Food

For this game, stock up on a ton of baby food!

Then, pass small samples around to the guests while they taste, smell, and touch them. The ones with the most correct guesses, win!

Becoming a parent is beautiful and exciting, but the stress that comes with it could use some shoulders to share it.

This is why when planning your baby’s gender reveal party, The Great Event would love to extend a helping hand. Our planners are experts at devising and organizing interesting games and events that will keep your guests happy and guessing.

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