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Being On-Trend: Photo Booths 101

Being On-Trend: Photo Booths 101

Photo booths are a fun novelty that serves as an ice-breaker, an engaging activity for guests, and the perfect way to advertise events on social media—the perfect trifecta for a successful bash! From baby showers and exhibitions to wedding and corporate events, they’re guaranteed to be a hit every time!

The best part? You can get your snaps going with some really creative photo booth ideas. Here are some of them:

A GIF Booth

GIFs are the new digital vocabulary. The visual communication trend has bumped everyone’s social media game up a notch! People love how a series of images or videos can be used to create an animation to portray the perfect response for various situations.

Incorporate this trend in your event with a GIF photo booth. It will have a layout that’s similar to a traditional photo booth but with a creative backdrop and props to give variation to the series of GIF images people use.

The selfie queen

Who doesn’t love taking selfies? They let you flaunt your best angles and show the world your Insta-worthy life. For your own version of a selfie booth, place a mirror in a well-lit room and let your guests take a hands-free selfie. They can document their own take on the event with videos and images. This is great for publicity and to give guests a unique experience!

Recreate the iconic Friends pose

Incorporate an informal style photo booth in your event with a couch that can accommodate several people. It’s perfect for large groups—with some people standing and some sitting for an illusion of different tiers. A digital screen can help capture the image. Did someone say squad goals?

Oversized balloons

Inflatable and balloons are the newest party trend! They provide an attractive backdrop that ties décor and color schemes together.  Oversized balloons can be decorated in the form of a cloud wall, a centerpiece or an arch—they’re easily adaptable and can be moved between venues as needed. Talk about an aesthetically pleasing photo booth!

Our party décor experts have a solution for all your events. From birthday parties and Bar Mitzvahs to family reunions and grad nights—we offer creative photo booths, theme props and stunning backdrops for every occasion.  As one of the leading event management companies Bay Area since 1987, we’ve worked with Silicon Valley’s Fortune 100 in the Bay Area cities to organize private and corporate events. Our corporate event planning San Jose services also include live bands, themed parties and catering. Schedule a free consultation or contact us for more information.

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