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Corporate Event Ideas and Themes for this Winter

Corporate Event Ideas and Themes for this Winter

It might be gloomy and freezing outside, but don’t let that stop you from planning a corporate event, especially on one of those snowy days. The corporate event in winter should be different from events planned during other times of the year. Guests would love to attend an event that is planned keeping the season in mind.

Some people love to just snuggle up under a blanket and watch their favorite series on NetFlix during winter, but those who really want to enjoy the cold months of the year go out to attend parties, wedding and corporate events. They won’t deny your invitation to a corporate event. So, if your guests are willingly to leave the comfort of their homes to attend your winter corporate event, it is your responsibility to reward them with something magnificent. We’ve compiled a list of ideas and themes for your winter event that are sure to heat up your event and leave your guests feeling warm and fuzzy.

1. White Winter Wonderland

Even though it is freezing outside, winter is still the most amazing time of the year. It is beautiful, magical and full of joy. A winter wonderland theme is perfect for such a wonderful time of the year. This sophisticated and elegant theme immediately reminds us of Christmas. To plan a corporate event based on this theme, you must decorate the venue in white. White flowers, white décor, white tablecloths, and white curtains will make your corporate event a winter wonderland.

If you have the budget to make the event more special, you can make your venue come to life through a misty haze and white and blue lightning effects. Ask all your guests to dress in white and serve white fish, crab, lobster or shrimp and white wine to make the event more appealing.

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2. Ice-Skating

Reward your employees for their hard work by arranging an ice-skating corporate event. Your employees would love to attend this event even if they don’t know how to ice skate. There is nothing like a cool breeze, little ice and cute scarves and mittens to make everyone feel the real beauty of winter. You can’t let your guests leave hungry after ice skating, so cater to them with a local food truck. You can easily find affordable and gourmet food trucks in about every city.

3. The Outdoor Event

Although people mostly stay indoors during the cold winter months, an outdoor corporate event might change their mind. You must select the perfect venue like a huge garden for this purpose. It is chilly outside, but if your guests are adventurous, then they would love to enjoy a cold winter night out with their colleagues and families.

For the outdoor corporate event, you must provide blankets to your guests when they arrive at your venue. You must also arrange comfortable seating like cozy places and chairs and provide a fire area so that your guests don’t feel cold. Light up the venue to create a magical setting. Hang lanterns, candles and fairy lights on trees. Ask your guests to wear cozy sweaters, hats, scarves, boots and socks. Serve roasted beef tenderloins to the guests and for drinks go with Irish coffee to keep your guests warm and cozy.

4. Ski Chalet

Ski Chalet creates a magical feeling of returning home from a day out skiing on the high slopes and lying down on a cozy sofa in front of fire. Take this concept and replicate it in your venue to amaze your guests with a unique corporate event. This theme evokes the cozy wintery feel and allows your guests to enjoy the warmth of log fire. Incorporate wooden accents and rustic pieces to make the venue more appealing for the guests. Serve hearty rabbit or beef stews with red wine and beers to spice up your evening.

5. Fire and Ice

Combine icy white and flame red to create a fire and ice themed corporate event. To decorate the venue for this event, the space must be divided into two areas, one featuring frosty blues and the other fiery reds.

The most important factor for creating this theme is the lighting. For the fiery reds side, you must create a combination of red LED lights against walls and subtle props. The frosty blues side should be created with blue LED lights and shinning ice statues or ice bars. Seafood appetizers would be perfect for this type of corporate event and for the drinks, we suggest Blue Curacao and Fireball Whiskey.

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6. Timeless Event

The timeless winter corporate event is created around the concept of time. For this event, you can merge black and white to create an elegant feel to the event. The venue should be decorated with watches, timepieces, clocks and anything else that’s time-related. Also place seat cushions, furry blankets and pillows across the venue to make it warm for your guests. Ask the guests to dress in black and white for this event. For the menu, we recommend you serve mashed potatoes and roast duck and offer champagne or classic cocktails like cosmos and martinis.

7. Santa’s Workshop

This corporate event is centered on charity. You can plan this event a few days before Christmas. Ask all your guests to bring one gift for a child in need. Donate these gifts to a local toy drive. Your guests would love this generous gesture of yours and would love to attend an event that is designed to bring a smile on the face of the less fortunate children. Decorate the venue with a Christmas tree, colorful garlands and strings of lights. Consider serving soups and have some decorated cookies made for the dessert.

8. Masquerade Ball

Add a touch of mystery to your corporate event by designing a masquerade ball. Everything about a masquerade ball event says intrigue, elegance and mystery. The most important component for your masquerade ball event is the mask. Make sure to inform guests that you are planning a masquerade ball and ask them to bring their own masks that coordinate with their dresses. However, you should still arrange a few masks as some guests are bound to show up without a mask. The menu for this event should include appetizers and light finger foods. For the drinks, we suggest you serve champagne cocktails.

9. Circus

Circus event will leave your guests and employees raving about the ambience and visual effects of the evening for weeks to come. The most important thing in a circus-themed corporate event is the entertainment. Consider hiring clowns, tumblers, jugglers, tightrope walkers etc. to perform at the big stage. Also hire some magicians to walk around the venue and perform street magic so that your guests stay entertained throughout the evening. The venue should be decorated in bright red and black color. For the food, set up circus food stations like roasted peanuts, cotton candy and popcorn.

10. Bowling Night

Surprise your employees with some fun by planning a bowling night. Bowling allows everyone to participate and engage in a friendly competition. Best part about organizing this event in winter is that your guests will totally forget about the cold when they are engaged in a heated battle to knock down the pins. Ask your guests to team up before the event and wear different costumes. Award prizes to the best bowlers. Your guests will be feeling hungry after all that bowling, so take them to a restaurant for a tasty treat.

11. Cooking with Fire

Blaze your corporate event with fire by planning it around this theme. Pans of steaming paella and hot wok stations are required to organize this type of event. Your guests will love to eat tasty dishes right off the fire. For the entertainment during this event hire some winter dancers. The dancers will enchant your guests with their mesmerizing routines and make the event more memorable for them.

These are all the corporate events that you can plan this winter. Pick a theme or an idea from our list and start planning to throw the most epic winter corporate event this year. You may find it hard to successfully pull off the above mentioned corporate events as a lot of planning is required to manage them. But don’t fret, as a professional event planner can successfully plan these types of corporate events for you.

At The Great Event, we have the expertise and experience to plan these types of themed winter corporate events. We’ll take care of the venue, decorations, entertainment, food and drinks to plan a successful corporate event for you. We will impress your guests and they’ll be talking about your wonderful for weeks to come.

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