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Corporate Event Ideas for Summer

Corporate Event Ideas for Summer

People who have been constantly working inside the closed office walls for a long time need a break. They have had enough of all the work and they are losing their morale. Their energy levels are dropping and it is not long before they shout, ‘that’s it, we quit’.

If you haven’t organized a corporate event for your employees in a long time, they may be losing their morale. Therefore, you should consider rewarding the hard work of your employees with a memorable corporate event. So, are you up for it?

Do you want to organize a summer corporate event that’ll leave your employees giggling and laughing? Then, you’ll have to feed some great event ideas to yourself. Go through our list of summer corporate event ideas and nail the one that you find most appealing.

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1. BBQ Party

Barbecue parties are simple, yet extremely fun. When organizing a barbeque party, remember to choose a theme that perfectly aligns with your corporate event. For that purpose, talk to your employees and stakeholders and see what they recommend. Let’s say that you specialize in car manufacturing. You can decorate your venue with posters of cars and even park a limousine at your entrance. That way, the theme of your BBQ party will blend with your brand.

2. Beach Party

Amidst the scorching heat of summer, there isn’t a single person who wouldn’t love to jump into the cold crystal clear waters of the beach. Choosing beach for a summer corporate event does not mean you’re opting for an easy option. It is actually quite difficult for employers to surprise their team with these kinds of retreats. But, you shouldn’t hesitate to plan a beach party for your employees as long as you can use your creativity to overcome skepticism. Don’t hesitate to do something different with a beach party. For example, you can organize a bonfire in the evening or an underwater adventure.

3. Casino Night

Organize a casino party for your employees to reward their hard work. Casino equipment including poker tables and slot machines can be easily rented for the party and you can find supplies online to decorate your venue. Alternatively, you could leave everything to a professional casino party planner and they’ll make all the arrangements for your casino night. Remember not to use real money with a casino party as your employees will lose their tempers if they fail to win. It shouldn’t be about money, a casino party is all about fun. So, use funny money or fake chips in your casino party.

4. Bowling

Head to a bowling alley with your employees for an awesome corporate event where everyone can enjoy. Bowling alleys usually offer a lot more than bowling games as there are video games and other sorts of fun activities to enjoy. Most people like bowling, so it is an activity that majority of your employees would love to take part in.

5. Champagne Breakfast

If you want to organize an unusual corporate event this summer, we suggest you take you employees to the mountains early in the morning where they can witness the bewildering sunrise. After that head to the hiking trail and see how many of your employees are up for the challenge of reaching the peak first.

6. Fun Fair

Summer is the best time to organize a fun fair. If your employees are up for it and you want to turn those white-collar faces into a group of fascinated youngsters, don’t let go of the chance. Arrange a fun fair of your employees for some non-stop entertainment.

7. Street Food

Street food celebrations are perfect for your corporate event if you want to conquer hearts of your employees. Arrange a venue and offer delicious dishes of all kinds to your employees. This event should be organized for a large number of people; otherwise, all those tasty treats will go to waste. To spruce up your corporate event a bit, organize a cooking competition where your employees can unleash their inner chef.

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8. Scavenger Hunt

Turn this event into a citywide activity if a large number of your employees are willing to take part in the scavenger hunt or just limit it to a specific area like a park. Organize participants into different teams so that they can work together to search for clues and find the items to win great prizes. You can hire an event planner to organize a scavenger hunt or just do it yourself. Make sure that all your employees get together for lunch after the scavenger hunt. At the end of the event, announce the winning team and give out the prize.

9. Retro Retreat

Take your employees back to the old times with a retro retreat corporate event. Tell everyone that they need to dress up to reflect 60s fashion. Hippy style – beard, long hair and kaftans – would be perfect for men. Women could wear mini dresses and miniskirts as these were popular during the 60s. Make sure to decorate your venue to reflect the 60s. Rent a vintage car and park it at the entrance of your venue. Hang pictures of the 60’s fashion icons on the walls of the venue. Offer food and drinks that were popular in the 1960s like cocktail sausages, pork pies, gammon joint, liver sausage, prawn cocktail, Salmon, Chicken curry, fruit salad, and Bordeaux. Don’t forget the 60s music in your retro retreat corporate event. Choose something from the selection of Beatles.

10. Race Go-Karts

If you are in the mood to try something extraordinary, we suggest go-karts. Racing small cars around the track with others is fun and your employees will love it. They won’t hesitate to jump into the car and start the engine for some healthy racing competition. New friendships may take root at the go-kart track and your employees may become more connected while engaging in a fun competition. Some go-kart facilities are specifically available for corporate events; it’s best to plan your event there. They usually have food, bars and video games to keep everyone engaged and happy.

11. Rent Boats

If you are organizing a summer corporate event for team-building and want to encourage communication, boating is perfect. Find a beach area or park with a lake and set up some tents with food and drinks. Contact a boat rental company and rent paddleboards, kayaks and canoes to spend the evening enjoying the crystal clear water. Try to organize a race for a healthy competition. Divide your employees into teams to encourage communication and team work. When everyone has had fun on the water, gather them for a good meal and announce the winners of the race.

12. Movie Night

A movie night is another great summer corporate event idea. Make sure to invite families of your employees to this event so that all your employees can enjoy the movie with their partners and kids. Before the event, ask your employees how many family members they will be bringing to the movie night so that you can make the arrangements accordingly.

A park or a venue with a large open outdoor space would be perfect for your movie night. Show a movie that everyone can enjoy with their families and offer popcorn and drinks. When the movie is over, gather everyone around for dinner. You can also hold a movie related trivia contest at the end and offer prizes.

Next time you are required to organize a summer corporate event, you won’t be short on ideas. Just pick one from the list to put together a corporate event that your employees will talk about for years.

Planning a summer corporate event can be difficult for those aren’t experienced in event planning. Arranging a venue, organizing entertainment and making arrangements for food and drinks might seem simple, but they are actually complicated tasks. If you haven’t plan a corporate event before, it will be extremely difficult for you to successfully put together an amazing corporate event. One mistake and you’ll risk ruining your corporate event.

If you want to ensure that your corporate event doesn’t turn into a disaster, hire a professional corporate event planner. When it comes to professionals, there’s no one else to trust but The Great Event. Armed with the knowledge of planning top class corporate event for Fortune 500 companies, we can turn your event into a huge success. Whether you wish to organize a simple barbeque party for your event or want to take your employees to a go-kart track, we can help. Give us a buzz today to discuss your needs and see how we can be of assistance.

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