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Corporate Team Building Activities Everyone Will Enjoy

Corporate Team Building Activities Everyone Will Enjoy

Employee engagement is an investment business owners make to stay in business! When morale appears to be low in the workplace, an ideal way to bring back energy is by showing engagement and appreciation for your employees.

Statistics show that 51% of the workforce in America is not really engaged. A few lazy employees won’t ruin your profit, right? Wrong! Each year, companies suffer a loss of more than $450 billion due to disconnected employees.

These statistics are scary, but the good news is that there is a way to turn the situation around. Engagement and employee happiness is directly correlated, which means that in order to keep your employees engaged; you need to keep them happy. Employees who are happy with their work are 12% more productive.

So, how can you keep your employees happy and engaged? By organizing team building activities!

Team building activities are really fun, facilitate bonding between the members of your team, reduce stress and give a chance to your team members to know one another outside the workplace. However, about 31 percent of employees have a negative perception of team building activities. The reason is that they are tired of mainstream team building activities and want something out of the ordinary.

So, in this post we bring you creative team building activities that your employees will actually enjoy.

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  1. Escape a Escape Room

Escape room games have become a popular team building activity for people around the world.  Your employees will be locked in a room for 60 minutes. During that time, they will have to find objects, look for clues and solve puzzles to set themselves free. Escape rooms are not easy and only 20 percent of players manage to escape the room before the time runs out. So, this will really challenge your team and they will have to work together in order to escape.

  1. Head Out to Trampoline Parks

Trampolines are not only for kids, adults love them too! Take your employees to a nearby trampoline park and see how they jump like crazy and get relieved from the office stress. Many cities have trampoline parks, but if you don’t know about one in your vicinity, just look it up on Google.

  1. Shoot them Down with Lasers

Laser tags are probably one of the best ways to get that adrenaline pumping. Not only will your employees have the time of their lives shooting lasers, but it will also be a great opportunity for them to exercise their logic, strategy and teamwork skills.

  1. Kart Racing

An intense event of kart racing is a good way to get your employees interacting with each other in a completely unique way. Make sure everyone is aware of the safety rules before they get into their karts.


  1. Painting Class

Take your employees to a group painting class to give them a chance to relax with the art. You can find professional artists who host painting classes in major cities. Through painting classes, your team can learn new things, express their creativity and get engaged with each other to strengthen their bond.

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  1. Photo Walk

Photography allows us to capture the best events of our life and relish our past memories. The captured photos can be kept with us forever and we can rejoice in our most memorable time with friends, family and colleagues.

Organize a photo walk for your team members with a hike on mountains to give them the most exciting event of their life. You will need to get professional cameras to capture quality images; smartphones won’t work. Your employees will love capturing beautiful scenarios together and sharing their shots with one another.

  1. Mystery Dinner

Mystery dinner is an excellent team building activity that breaks communication barriers. At a mystery dinner, you have to divide your employees into groups and send them a location or venue where they’re supposed to go for dinner. It can be someone’s house or a restaurant. With these kinds of gatherings, random people from your company will come together for a great evening. You might be wondering what’s so mysterious about this dinner.

It is the fact that none of your employees have any idea about who will host the dinner and the host has no clue who the guest will be until they arrive at the venue. You only have to tell your employees where they’re required to go for the dinner and notify the host to arrange an exquisite dinner for the number of guests that will be arriving at their location.

  1. Volunteering

Volunteering to support a good cause really helps the soul, but do you know it also works well in helping your team members bond? You can have your employees volunteer for activities based on their specific skills. You can search online for bodies or social organizations that may require the support of your employees.

You can have your employees volunteer for a few activities, including cooking food for the less privileged, delivering gifts to children’s cancer hospital or working at any animal shelter.

  1. Canoeing

For team building, there are not many things that work better than having your employees paddle through the streaming current. Canoeing can really help your team collaborate, since they have no other option but to work together. Be tricky, bring those employees who don’t interact with each other in a single boat and see how they handle the situation.

If they don’t work together, they’ll just end up in the water so you can be sure that canoeing will work well to break those communication barriers and strengthen the bond between your team. The great thing about canoeing for team building is that it won’t break your bank. Many lakes and rivers have a boat house from where you can rent a canoe at a reasonable rate.

Just rent some canoes and head straight to the water body early in the morning. This will give your employees plenty of time to paddle.

  1. Tourism

Have your employees seen the whole city? Not really. After all, they are working for you eight hours a day and do not always get a chance to visit different places in the city. So, why don’t you reward them for their hard work by taking them to a tour of the city?

Arrange for commute and ask your employees to pack their bags for a tour of the city. Take them to all the famous places in the city. At the end of the day, take them to dinner at a restaurant to fill those empty stomachs after a long day of travelling.

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  1. Board Games

Board games are another way to spark the competitive sides of your team members and you don’t even have to take them out for this one. Organize board game tournaments with different games and divide your employees into different teams. When there are multiple games, employees can choose to take part in the ones they are good at. Jenga, Boggle or even monopoly would be great for your employees. Don’t forget to offer prizes to the winners.

  1. Sports Games

Take your team to a sports game to rev up team spirit. Your employees would love to watch their favorite players hit the home run or shoot a 3-pointer. They can’t make the noise to support their team with an empty stomach, so get them popcorn, hotdogs and drinks.

  1. Personal Development Workshop

This might not sound fun, but it really is a powerful activity for team building. Your team will learn and collaborate better in a creative environment. You can have personal development workshops that focus on technical aspects of your employees’ work or go with something bigger like leadership, motivation, negotiation or interpersonal skills development workshop.

  1. Comedy Event

Comedy is an interesting activity that can give your employees a chance to laugh and rejoice together. You may think that the comedy event is trivial and has no purpose except to make your team members laugh. But that’s not true; a comedy event can teach useful interpersonal and communication skills to your employees. Call in professional comedians to make the event appealing to all your employees and arrange food and drinks for a great evening.

So, what are your thoughts on these activities? Which one do you think will work best for strengthening the bond between your team members and bring them together? Whichever activity you choose, remember to seek help from professional event planners in organizing it. And when it comes to professional event planners for team building activities, there is no else to trust but The Great Event.

Our San Jose top event planning team building experts can create and design different kinds of team building events for your team. Just tell us the type of team building event you would like and we will get it all planned for you.

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