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Event Catering Trends for 2019

Event Catering Trends for 2019

Serving food at social events isn’t just about feeding the guests. It’s about making connections with people, showing hospitality to the attendees and creating a brand for your event.

When catering plays such significant roles in making your event a big success, you have to make sure you do it right!

Make the food at your event the highlight of the day by following the latest catering trends.

Here are some emerging culinary ideas of 2019 to inspire you for your next event.

FoodInstagram-able Food

Give your guests something to rave about by serving food that both tastes and looks amazing. Use unique elements and innovative displays to present your food in a way that creates great visual impact.

Entertaining Food

You can make your event memorable by turning the food into an activity. For example, have a professional chef come in for an interactive cooking class where your guests can learn how to make the food they’re eating. You can also, for instance, bring in a pizzaiolo who’ll make the pizza, with all the dough tossing and vegetable chopping done in front of the attendees.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Tons of food is being wasted every second, more and more people are now making efforts to prevent that from happening. Thus, a trend of eco-friendly and sustainable catering is emerging in 2019. Lesser ingredients are being incorporated in a number of food items; tip-to-tail eating is being encouraged, all to make sure that food waste in minimized. Moreover, biodegenerable cutlery is increasing in demand.

BreakfastSpecial Dietary Options

It’s a shame when some guests aren’t able to eat anything at your event because of dietary restrictions, and according to a survey six out of ten Americans suffer from this problem. Thus, it’s important to include inclusive dietary options, such as gluten-free food and more, in your menu for the event.

On the Go

At social events, especially the corporate and networking kind, some people don’t want to sit and give a lot of time to eating when they could be up and about making connections with all the important people attending the event. But a grumbling stomach isn’t any good either. In such situation, having a food truck will enable them to quickly grab a bite to eat and get back to networking.

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