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No “I” In Team: The Best Teambuilding Activities for Your Next Corporate Event

No “I” In Team: The Best Teambuilding Activities for Your Next Corporate Event

Teambuilding activities are designed to improve morale and motivate employees. They’re also designed to improve communication within teams. Whether your team realizes it or not, the right kind of teambuilding activity can make the office atmosphere better.

People looking at laptopHowever, sometimes, employees aren’t enthusiastic about these activities—and that’s mostly when these activities are boring and non-engaging.

If you’re worried about employee morale, here are some fun activities to try at your next company event:

Campfire Sharing

The end of summer and beginning of fall is the ideal time for camping in the Bay Area. The weather is just right at this time of year where the campfire adds warmth. Such corporate events encourage employees to interact with each other while allowing them to unwind and relax.

The campfire sharing team building begins with making little chits labeled “first day at work,” “side projects,” “hobbies,” “favorite celebrations,” etc. Place these folded chits in a box. Have the whole team sit around the fire. Pass the box around and let them pick one chit and speak about the topic written on it. This is by far one of the easiest ice breakers and each employee gets to know others a bit better.

Office Trivia

Who doesn’t love a good quiz show? Participants get to show off their knowledge and win a prize—what’s not to love.


Prepare a quiz based on the office and company. Have teams of employees play to win a prize. Some fun questions to ask include:

“What’s the color of the coffee machine?”

“Who’s the first to come in every day?”

“How many people in the organization have the name James?”

“What’s the company’s new mission and vision?”

Throwing a few questions about the organization is a fun way to inform employees of certain things that they should know. Incorporating it in a quiz will help improve the retention rate of the information as well.

War of Wool

This problem-solving activity will test your team’s communication, conflict management and team working skills. Make teams of equal participants and hand a ball of yarn to each team. Get the team to weave the wool into a web.

Now, swap the webs between two teams and get them to untangle it. Blindfold a team member and allow them to do the untangling, while the rest of the team communicates commands to them.

This activity is fun and lights the competitive spark in your team—but it also helps them realize how far they are in terms of communication and working together.

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