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Party Décor Suggestions for a Halloween Bash

Party Décor Suggestions for a Halloween Bash

Who doesn’t like a wickedly party at this time of the year, with a bit of spooky oomph?

If you’re planning to throw a Halloween bash for your colleagues or friends, you’d rather have them feel well-treated than tricked into wasting their night.

Be it with some spellbinding drinks or spook-tacular dishes on the menu, your Halloween event can be a winner with the right planning.

We can pool in all kinds of refreshing ideas for a Halloween-themed event that haven’t been done to death. After all, we do this for a living, and our survival depends on crowds genuinely like the spin we give to boring, old parties.

Here are a few sneak peeks into how we do Halloween for our clients.

Haunted houseSetting the Scene

There’s no Halloween party without your place literally turned into a haunted house. You need to make sure the setting steals your attendees’ attention the moment they walk in.

For this, you need to make sure you’re clear on the age group you’re expecting so that you have something for everyone.

For instance, you should restrict yourself to glowing pumpkins for younger children, but allow yourself to play with dangling corpses and blood stains for an adult group.

One key suggestion for decorating the venue is to offer something new at every step. While walking in through the entrance, the attendees must be thrown off by something Halloween-y in every corner.

Planning the Menu

What’s a good party without food that attracts the crowd like bees to blooms? There are more recipes for remarkable cuisines in the world that we can count. But what you need for a Halloween party, isn’t just something that tastes good, but also looks great.

The ingredients you find in the pantry can be used to create some creepy-looking eyeballs with cheese and olives, and fake blood with tomato puree. It’s all about thinking outside the box and staying true to the Halloween spirit (or spirits?)

…And The Drinks

If you’re going to have the undead walking around the place like Halloween mascots, you better give your guests something to sip on while they enjoy the show.

Just like all the Halloween characters in costumes, your drinks better be goodness disguised as gore.

You can go all out with red wine being served around as blood in a goblet or have mint lemonade on the rocks, to revitalize your attendees.

However, don’t leave your glasses and drink containers untouched by the Halloween spirit. Have open skulls for glasses or a corpse hand wrapped around them for effect. Let nothing stop you from celebrating Halloween the best way.

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