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San Francisco Venues Ideal for a Corporate Event

San Francisco Venues Ideal for a Corporate Event

San Francisco is a beautiful city home to the Golden Gate Bridge and known for its cable cars, international neighborhoods, and fresh seafood. However, that’s not everything this great city has to offer. San Francisco also boasts many fabulous corporate event venues. From historic auditoriums to luxurious hotels, there are a variety of places in the city to host spectacular events.

If you are thinking about organizing a corporate event in San Francisco, you’ll be looking for a fabulous place that can accommodate all your guests and is well within your budget. We have done the legwork for you to find some places in the city that are ideal for a corporate event. You’ll surely find the venue that’s right for you in this list.

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1. Regency Ballroom

Known for hosting the Edwardian ball every year, the Regency Ballroom is ideal for conferences, fundraisers, summits and trade shows. This versatile event venue can hold up to 1400 guests which mean that you won’t have to worry about space. The main ballroom is magnificent, but the smaller private rooms aren’t any less.

2. Foreign Cinema

An ideal movie-and-dinner date spot for the locals is just as great for corporate events and get-togethers. There are several private rooms in the place which are ideal for private dinners. The venue also features a large outdoor space where films are projected. Movies, wine, cocktails, wine, art gallery and fantastic food make this venue popular among the people of San Francisco. When the serious discussion is over, you can have your employees enjoy the movie.

3. Nine Studios

For large parties and corporate events, the Nine Studios is one of the best venues in San Francisco. It is the largest daylight studio in the city and is a good alternative to conventional ballroom. The venue is covered by natural light and offers a high ceiling, wooden floor and terrific views of the city. It’s a good choice for large corporate events. The event organizer can design any experience they like as the place is open for customization.

4. Golden Gate Park

For outdoor corporate events like team-building events, there isn’t a better option than the Golden Gate Park. Weather of San Francisco is generally good which means that you can host a corporate event here at any time of the year.

5. Conservatory of Flowers

With a maximum capacity of around 200, this lush venue is good for corporate functions as well as cocktails parties. Five galleries are there in the Conservatory swarming with fossilized fauna and flora.  Guests can get to network among prehistoric plants and dinosaurs or spring flowers and butter flies.

6. Mezzanine

Normally used for concerts, Mezzanine can also be booked for corporate events. The two-story warehouse has multiple levels that can further be divided into smaller spaces. Mezzanine is also used as an after-party space during large conferences and has hosted several unique events in the past.

7. The Village

Burgeoning in downtown San Francisco, this 17,408 sq. ft. venue specializes in influential and high profile events for not just the private sector, but the corporate sector as well. In the past, big names like Instagram and Salesforce have used this event space. Three floors in The Village mean that you can choose it for large corporate events.

8. GSVlabs

If innovation is the agenda of your corporate event, GSVlabs might just be the right option for you. This 60,000 square-foot facility can host around 1,500 guests and has both small and large conference areas that offer plenty of space. The venue also features a volleyball court – in case your guests want to enjoy a fun activity.

9. The Fillmore

With the capacity of 1,150, this legendary venue, famous for concerts, is now being occasionally used for corporate events. It offers a great atmosphere and can be customized according to event requirements. The boisterous past of Fillmore is plastered over its large walls with tickets, articles and handbills from past events taking guests on a nostalgia trip.

10. The Fairmont Hotel

This San Francisco venue is popular among companies that organize trade shows, conferences and big galas. It features small spaces for meeting and sizeable rooms capable of hosting around 1000 attendees. The Fairmont Hotel is a part of San Francisco’s history as it has hosted historic meetings in the past and appeared in a number of films and TV shows. It is well-equipped with the latest tech to hold modern corporate events.

11. Natoma Cabana

Lounge chairs and huts for groups create a tropical atmosphere. If you wish to give your employees a chance to get away from their small cubes and enjoy island life at a company party, Natoma Cabana is for you. You can rent out its upstairs loft to enjoy the pleasant sunlight during the day.

12. 1015 Folsom

It is the largest club of San Francisco at 20,000 sq. ft. Employees can show off their moves at the dance floor, brainstorm ideas or enjoy wine in front of display screens. Five separate rooms, five DJ booths, and five bars are there for the entertainment of the guests. The space can also be customized for different types of events.

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13. SFGreenSpace

SFGreenSpace is tailor-made for workshops and training events. It virtually has everything you could possibly need for a training environment. Ultra hi-speed internet, wireless PA, and power tables are all there.

14. Parc 55 Hotel

Located near the Moscone Center, this venue offers a large space with over three floors. There are small boardrooms, meeting rooms as well as grand ballroom in the hotel. The modern design of the venue is suited for corporate events of all kinds. It can accommodate around 700 guests.

15. Moscone West

Complete with on-site event management, event registration and Wi-Fi, Moscone West is a popular venue for large-scale events like a product launch and conference. The capacity of 60,000 means that you’ll have enough space for these events and you can even customize the space to suit your needs.

16. Mission Bowling Club (MBC)

For companies that wish to organize a corporate event to provide some relaxation and fun to their employees, Mission Bowling Club may just be right option. The club offers high-quality and delicious food as well as specialty cocktails and craft beer. Your employees will love to bowl and the six lanes of the MBC will ensure that everyone gets the chance to strike. The café and bar will accommodate your employees while they wait for their turn.

17. City View at METREON

This amazing San Francisco venue has it all – from lush visual interiors to outdoor terrace and magnificent interior lighting. The remarkable views of the city are one of the main reasons this venue is popular for private and corporate events. The mammoth interior and huge outdoor terrace combined can accommodate up to 2000 people. This venue is thus ideal for large corporate events like a product launch.

18. W Hotel San Francisco

This trendy hotel is occasionally used by companies for conferences and meetings. With a maximum capacity of 400 people, the venue can be booked for small as well as large events.

19. The Wattis Room

Versatile and beautiful, the Wattis Room is a unique venue in San Francisco that can be used for hosting a corporate reception, dinner or other small-scale events. The stunning space is located in a trendy neighborhood and features stunning paintings and a grand piano. An on-site event manager and chef are also available to help you create an awesome event experience.

Next time you want to hold a corporate event in San Francisco, pick one of the venues highlighted above for an amazing experience. The price of each venue varies so make sure to visit the location and ask the manager about the expenses you’ll incur for organizing a corporate event. If you don’t have the time to visit different venues and choose the one that fits your needs, hire a professional event planner to do the work for you. When you need a professional pair of hands to help you organize a corporate event, contact The Great Event.

At the Great Event, we have produced remarkable events for national organizations as well as Fortune 500 companies. Our experience in event planning is what makes us stand out from competitors in San Francisco. We have knowledge of the San Francisco venues discussed above and many other locations in the city that can be used for corporate events. We can select a venue in San Francisco for you and make all the arrangements including invitations, catering, and entertainment for the event.

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