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Should I Hire an Event Planner for My Corporate Event?

Should I Hire an Event Planner for My Corporate Event?

Organizing a corporate event looks simple. Make some calls, book a venue, and arrange some food and transport and you are all set. But, that’s not how you plan a corporate event.

Even though we have all attended corporate functions, organizing them in a professional manner isn’t simple. The truth is that planning a corporate event can be extremely challenging if you are unprepared. It demands research, focus, time, logistical skills and budgeting skills that many managers don’t possess.

Unfortunately, a number of companies attempt to organize a corporate event all on their own to save their dollars. The end result is that their event turns into a disaster. Why that happens? The main reason is that the managers assigned the responsibility of organizing an event lack the skills and experience required to plan a successful corporate event.

Before you organize you next corporate event, determine whether you have the proper skills, experience and resources required to plan a successful corporate event. If you lack the skills and experience required, hire an event planner for your corporate event.

To help you determine whether you should hire an event planner for your corporate event or not, we have compiled a list of top signs that suggest you need a professional’s help.

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1. You Do Not Have Time

Who has the time to focus on planning a corporate event? You have to work in the office and you already have a lot of pending tasks to take care of. How can you plan an event while focusing on your actual job?

Corporate events require a lot of planning time. You’ll have to start planning months before the event and spend time contacting caterers, arranging a venue and making other arrangements. If you don’t have the time to take care of all the details of the corporate event, you should definitely seek help.

2. You Cannot Risk Failure and You Need to Organize an Amazing Event

If you lack the experience of corporate event planning, you won’t have any idea about everything that needs to be planned in advance before your event. All the essential details will be overwhelming for you.

If you want to organize an amazing event and cannot risk failure, you should not organize an event on your own. Instead, you should partner with a professional who has the experience of organizing large scale and high-profile corporate events.

3. You Have No Idea About the Location

If you are holding a corporate event out of city with you aren’t too familiar, it will be hard for you to organize the event. Google can’t tell you everything about the location of your event. Ground knowledge of that location is essential to guarantee the event’s success.

If you don’t have the knowledge about the event location, how will you know about adequate event venues, caterers and entertainment options there?

Corporate event planners have knowledge about different cities and have links with caterers, entertainers and venue managers. With their vast knowledge, they’ll find a venue that’s right for your event and make all the other arrangements in the unfamiliar location to make your event a success.

4. You Don’t Know Anything About Logistical and Legal Requirements

If you are organizing a high-profile corporate event that’ll be attended by overseas clients, speakers and employees, you must have profound knowledge of logistical and legal requirements.

You cannot ignore all the logistical challenges including having accurate documentation of participants and providing transportation. Your lack of focus on logistical and legal requirements can lead to dissatisfaction of your attendees and affect the reputation of your company.

Don’t ignore the essential logistical and legal requirements when you are planning a corporate event. If you don’t know anything about them, make sure someone in your team is qualified to handle all the logistical and legal requirements. Otherwise, take help of an expert.

5. You Don’t Have Industry-Specific Experience

People who plan events for pharmaceutical and healthcare industries must have profound knowledge about industry regulations as there is a matter of confidentially, security and compliance involved in such events. Similarly, events planned for other industries also require specific knowledge about regulations that relate to them.

If you don’t have industry-specific experience of planning events, you can get into trouble for not adhering to country codes and guidelines. Therefore, you should take assistance of an expert when you lack industry-specific experience.

6. You Can’t Decide the Venue

There are so many locations available for organizing a corporate event. Some are best for large scale events while others are perfect for small meetings. When there are so many options to choose from, it becomes extremely difficult for an inexperienced organizer to select a venue that’s perfect for their corporate event.

When you are organizing a corporate event, it will be hard for you to determine the venue that’ll best meet your event needs. You’ll have to check out different venues and see what they have to offer. Unfortunately, it will be hard for you to determine whether the venue can live up to the mark and provide everything they promise to offer. An experience event planner can recommend a venue that best meets you needs, goals and budget for the event.

Event planners know about various venues and are aware of the level of service offered by them. Therefore, you can rest assured that they’ll find a venue that is best for your corporate event.

7. You Do Not Have Links with Vendors

Planning a corporate without strong relationships with vendors is possible. However, when you lack links, you won’t be able to negotiate good rates. When you have links with caterers, venue managers, entertainment providers, etc. you can get better discounted rates for your event. A professional event planner can bring that to the table. Moreover, strong links with vendors can guarantee that all the minor details of the event will be properly handled.

8. You Are Going Over-Budget

Maybe your event budget is too low. Maybe you have set unrealistic expectations and you are going over your budget. Working with a professional event planner allows you to keep everything organized. They can evaluate your requirements and your budget. They’ll ensure that you stay within your budget limit and spending guidelines and also make adjustments when something does not add up.

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9. You Do Not Have an Alternate Plan

Hosting an outdoor corporate event for high-profile attendees sounds incredible, but have you considered what’ll happen if the weather takes a turn for the worst and it starts to rain? Have you made arrangements for alternative venues or tents if something like that happens?

When you are organizing an event on your own, you’ll likely ignore the possibility of adverse weather or something else falling out of the place. However, you should never ignore the likelihood of unexpected occurrences that can disrupt your event. You should always have a plan B. If you can’t come up with an alternate plan, hire an event planner. A professional event planner makes all the arrangements and considers the possibility of adverse events that can disrupt the arrangement. Therefore, they have an alternate plan to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

10. You Can’t Promote Your Event

Sending invitations to all your guests is essential. However, once the date of your event has been announced, you want to ensure that you make a major impact to get maximum turnout. You’ll need to promote your event through social media and other mediums. A professional event planner can help you with event promotion to ensure that a large number of guests attend your event.

11. You Can’t Handle Pressure

The task of organizing a corporate event can be overwhelming. If you don’t perform well under pressure, you can’t organize a successful corporate event. Therefore, leave this job to a professional who knows the nitty-gritty of event management.

The signs mentioned above indicate that you need help of a professional event planner for your corporate event. If you are on the fence about hiring an event planner just because you want to save your dollars, know this; you’ll lose a lot more if you decide to organize an event yourself. When you don’t have what it takes to plan a corporate event, leave it to a skilled and experienced professional.

When you need a professional’s help for your corporate event, hire an experienced corporate event planner from The Great Event. At The Great Event, our event planners have organized successful corporate events for Fortune 500 companies. Our vast experience and customer service tailored to needs of companies is what sets us apart from other event planners in the Bay Area.

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