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Teambuilding Activities to Boost Employee Motivation

Teambuilding Activities to Boost Employee Motivation

Good employees that work day after day to help an organization achieve its vision are essential to the success of any business. Employees can make or break a company. They have a lot more power than employers realize.

A motivated workforce is a vital piece of the puzzle. Organizations have to constantly work towards keeping their workforce motivated to see great results. You take care of an employee and they will give back to the company manifold.

Teambuilding activities are a perfect way to change the mood in the office. Some organizations choose to execute these teambuilding activities within their premises, while some think a change in scenery is a better idea.

Here are some teambuilding activities that will increase employee motivation:

Scavenger hunt


A good old scavenger hunt will jog fond memories for your employees. A large majority of them would surely have played this game when they were younger. This highly competitive activity is based on delegation. Teams are formed and a list of items is given to each team, which they need to find. The leader delegates which areas are to be covered by which member while conveying the items that need to be found. The quickest team to find all the items wins!

This game is about working independently to achieve one goal. Team members get accustomed to taking orders from a team lead and working at maximum efficiency to prevent the team from slowing down. One slow member, and the whole team is affected.

A chill day out

Sometimes it’s not necessary to organize big teambuilding events. Just giving employees an environment where they can interact with each other without talking about work or worrying about going home is all they need. They need a bit of an escape where can just relax. Some fun ideas for this day could be a sightseeing tour, a team picnic, or even just organize drinks. Your staff will feel valued, that their happiness and satisfaction mean a lot to the company.Teamwork

A team sports day

Reliving things you used to do as kids is an excellent way to bond with others. Everyone must have been part of a sport’s day when they were little. This sports day can include light and fun sports like the famous tug-of-war, balloon fights, fun relay races, or even more intense sports like soccer, races, volley, etc. The focus of this day should be fun and not competition.

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