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Things You Must Consider When Choosing the Event Venue

Things You Must Consider When Choosing the Event Venue

When organizing an event, a thousand different questions are thrown your way. Of all these questions, the most important is: Where will you hold your event?

The venue affects the outcome of your event, so it’s critical that you choose the perfect venue. Yes, entertainment and cuisine are also important things that need your attention, but the venue of your event will set the scene and ultimately influence the experience of your guests. Therefore, you must be careful when choosing a venue and ensure that you select a site that will enhance the experience of your event. Choosing an event venue isn’t easy as there are many things that must be considered when selecting a perfect space your event. To help you out, we’ll discuss important details you need to focus on when choosing the event venue.

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1. Location

Your event venue should be easily reachable for your guests. Your guests will remember the fabulous décor and food, but they’ll also remember how easy it was for them to get to your event and have the time of their lives.

Try to find a location that’s easily reachable for the majority of your guests and has enough parking to accommodate their vehicles. If parking is limited, make sure to arrange off-site parking to save your guests from facing parking issues. If you are planning an event that will last for several days or your guests are travelling from out of city, pick a location that is close to airports, hotels and tourist attractions. Your guests will appreciate this gesture.

2. Cost

Several factors affect the overall cost of your venue. Take your time to fully determine the cost of organizing your big event at any venue. Gather information from the venue managers. Also ask questions, read reviews and talk to friends and family members about their experiences. The more information you gather the better you will know about costs of different venues. Visit the venues that are under your budget.

The cost of venue varies depending on several factors. During high season, the cost is much higher than that in low season. The cost may also be higher during weekends as most people like to hold events on off-days. If you have found a venue that you think is perfect for your event, but the price seems to be out of your budget, try to change your event date. You might be able to negotiate a lower price by changing the date of your event. If you can’t move your event, then try a different venue.

It is also important for you to determine whether the costs include in-house catering and are you bound to use it. Ask whether you can go with outside catering and will a fee be charged for getting the arrangements done by outside caterers. Identify whether there is enough equipment available on site or you’ll have to rent more. Your overall cost may increase if you rent tables, chairs, glassware and linen from outside.

Check whether the venue has the capacity for customization and technical upgrades. Newer venues mostly possess better technical capacity than older sites. Try to use what’s already available on site. Making arrangements of lighting and other technicalities from outside can prove to be very expensive.

3. Size

You must also determine whether the venue you are choosing is the perfect size for your particular event. This isn’t as simple as just checking the capacity chart. You must consider how you’re going to use the space. If you are going to hold an award ceremony, check whether there is enough space to set the stage. Don’t forget all the equipment you’ll need to set up the stage. Sound equipment and lighting may require a lot of space.

If you are going to hold additional activities at your event, make sure that arrangements can be made for them. Ask whether you’ll be charged extra for arrangements made to organize other activities. Ask about all this up front to avoid any issues during the event.

4. Food and Beverage

If on-site catering is offered, check the menu options. Ask whether the menu can be customized and will there be any extra charges for customization. Assess whether the menu matches your budget and your style and there is enough variety to satisfy the taste buds of your guests. If the menu doesn’t match your needs, ask whether you can hire an outside caterer and whether or not you will be charged for that.

Check the beverage options. Most venues have different packages for beverage services. Choose a package that suits your budget and your needs.

5. Aesthetics and Ambience

The event venue you choose should fit the kind of event you’re holding. What is the occasion and is the site suitable for that celebration? Is the décor and architecture right for your event? If you choose a venue that requires a major makeover to adjust the décor, you’ll be paying more than what you bargained for.

6. Accessibility

The venue you choose should be accessible to all. Age or physical disability shouldn’t stop anyone from participating at your event. Some of your guests may be old or wheelchair bound. If there are no elevators or ramps and the venue is multi-storey, it will be hard for them to attend your event. Therefore, when choosing a venue for your event, consider such needs of your guests.

7. Acoustics

Acoustics is another important thing that you must consider when choosing the venue for your event. Although large venues with high, open ceiling and hard concrete floors are popular, they can make the sound bounce and increase the noise, making the setting uncomfortable for your guests. Your top priority should be the comfort of your guests, so don’t choose a setting that affects their comfort and taints their event experience.

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8. Restrictions

Inquire whether there is a certain food or beverage minimum that you are required to meet. Also, check whether these minimums are inclusive of sales tax and services charges or not. If they are exclusive, you’ll have to pay much more than what you imagined.

It is also important to check the venue for any food or beverage restriction. For example, some alcoholic drinks may be prohibited at the venue. You should ask about these restrictions when choosing the venue.

Ask whether the venue has any specific noise limitations. Venue that is located within a residential area may have noise limitations. If you are holding an event where music is the main entertainment, noise limitations will put a damper on your celebration.

Another important restriction that you should ask about is the décor restriction. Some venues won’t let you put anything on the carpet or add anything to the wall.

Also, ask about the cancellation policy of the venue. In case of bad weather, can the event be cancelled or scheduled to another date?

9. Customer Service

Note whether the venue manager is paying attention to your needs and is noting down each of your special requests. If the venue manager isn’t responsive to your needs, it’s a sign that they won’t be able to deliver everything you asked for.

The venue should not only be responsive to all your needs before the event, but it should also have adequate staff on site during your event to respond to the requests of your guests. Ask about the staff support and how many staff members will be provided by the venue during you event.

When you have assessed all the things highlighted above and are ready to book the venue for your event, obtain every important thing like payment schedule and payment terms in writing. Read the contract carefully and sign on it after you are convinced that everything is like what you wanted it to be. Ask questions if you are unclear about anything. Remember, your venue is a big investment and you don’t want to end up throwing away your dollars by going wrong with it.

If you are finding it hard to select the venue for your event and can’t assess everything we have highlighted on your own, take assistance from a professional event planner. A professional event planner can handle every important detail of your event. All you have to do is tell them the requirements for your event and leave the rest up to them. They’ll find the venue that is perfect for you and address all your special needs.

If you are looking for a professional event planner, you are the right place. At The Great Event, we have produced cutting edge event experience for Fortune 500 companies and national organizations. We can select the right venue for your event as well as take care of all the other arrangements including décor, catering and entertainment.

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