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Trends That Are Revolutionizing Corporate Events

Trends That Are Revolutionizing Corporate Events

When it comes to corporate event planning, a lot of inequity is required as everyone wants to make their event stand out. It is essential to work out many different corporate event ideas to host an impressive, outstanding, unforgettable and successful event. Right from how the corporate event will be presented to sending invitations to guests, choosing the venue and the theme, each event must be worked out to the tiniest detail.

In the last few years, corporate events have grown voluminously. The events have now become something special and they are also transforming. From décor to attendee management and venues, everything we know about corporate event planning is experiencing a change. As corporate events grow in popularity, it will be really helpful if you can tap into the ongoing trends as you will not only be able to take your next corporate event to a whole new level, but also provide guests something extraordinary. Acquiring knowledge about the trends that are revolutionizing corporate events can help you host the best corporate event that your guests would love. Therefore, in this post we are going to highlight the current trends in the world of corporate events.

High-Tech Events

Organizers have begun to implement technology to offer a better experience to their guests in the corporate events. Wi-Fi is a must-have for any corporate event now. Aside from that obvious need, event planners have begun to use advanced technology that offers a truly unique experience.

The traditional way of presenting corporate events hasn’t changed completely, but the events are being transformed with the help of technology to make the experience unique and better for the guests. A few things that we are seeing in corporate events these days include real-time language translators, events apps that feature presentation schedule, GPS event locator, onsite networking via social media, video feeds, push notifications and in-app scheduling. The smartphone technology makes all these things possible in the corporate events and this is only the beginning of the way technology is transforming the corporate events.

As the use of technology is trending in corporate events these days, we suggest you incorporate technology in your next event. You could use tablets to provide assistance with signing guests in or offer perks like digital checks to reward your attendees. Think about how you can make your breakout sessions and keynote speeches more engaging with the help of technology. Engaging the attendees of your corporate event with technology trends can give your corporate event the unique flare it needs to stand out.

Prioritize Engagement of Attendees

Higher engagement of attendees is another corporate event trend we are seeing this year. Organizers are working hard to improve the engagement of the attendees in their corporate event to make the event more fruitful for their organization. Usually, attendees could only sit and listen to the speakers for hours with little or no participation. Now, attendees are given more leverage to participate and present their point of view.

Engagement can be increased through a variety of ways. For example, you can ditch the conventional Power Point presentations for engagement activities like video conferencing, event hashtags, live-feeds and hands-on workshops. Charity, fund-raising and volunteering activities can also get your guests motivated and help develop team spirit.

Increasing the engagement of the attendees improves the overall experience of the corporate event. When the attendees of your corporate event feel like they are a part of the event, they will gain more skills and knowledge.

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Creative Transformation

Today’s companies have turned away from the basics of corporate events. Many tech firms are branding their events in a completely different way. The event spaces are being transformed into things that guests are familiar with. For example, a company can decorate their venues in such a way that the space resembles a racetrack or a real casino to provide more creative experience to the guests.

Décor specialists are required to create such unique designs as the venue must be metamorphosed with intelligent use of furniture, linen, technology and more.

Corporate events such as a conference offer a great opportunity to a firm to market its business. Whether it is a sales conference or training conference, you can design your event to build brand loyalty. When you effectively brand a corporate event, employee morale increases leading to a more hardworking workforce.

New Venues

Usually most companies preferred hotels or sophisticated venues for their corporate events, but we are witnessing a change in this trend now. Companies now look for unique venues to hold their corporate events. Unique and fun venues that have become popular for corporate events include casinos, private villas, theme parks, sports venues, concert venues, etc.

The reason companies have stepped out of the mainstream and are preferring more unique venues for their corporate events is because the attendees have become tired of the usual locations- they desire something unique. Companies cannot create a long lasting impression on their guests if the venue is not appealing to the guests. Unique venues create more memorable experience for the guests resulting in the success of a corporate event.

Community Life Cycle

Typically, event hosts spent two to three days in planning the event. But, now they have begun to consider a longer lifecycle for corporate events. The event now begins even before its actual start date. Registrations, post-shows and event promotion is required months before the actual event. Event hosts must create a community around the corporate event to ensure that a large number of attendees join the event. Excitement must be created before the event and should last all the way through to the event’s completion.

The challenge that comes from managing communities is that additional resources are required to keep them in sync. From checking the mention of people on social media to reviewing attendee preferences, event hosts must stay proactive to build the community and sustain it.

Previously, event hosts reviewed all the happenings of the corporate event after the event had finished to evaluate their mistakes and see what worked. By creating a community, event hosts can quickly spread the word about their event and acquire feedback to ensure they take the right steps to make the event successful.

Sustainable and Organic

Owing to growing concerns about global warming, focus of companies on social responsibility has magnified. Thus, many corporate events are organized to be organic and sustainable to reflect the company’s concern about environmental issues. From the drinks served to the items used for decorating the event, companies are now utilizing corporate events to show that they care about social causes.

Today, if you are planning a corporate event or conference for your company, you should find ways to sustainable and organic causes in the event.  You can consider green décor to deliver a message of responsibility.

The reason organizing sustainable and organic corporate events work is because it helps companies look like they are a part of something big. By showing their concern about the environment, a company can capture the interest of the attendees and gain their trust.

Best Cuisines

The demand for best cuisine in the corporate events is rising. Featuring best drinks and food at their corporate events allows companies to impress their guests and make their event experience more memorable.

Perfectly laid out tables and chairs sets a great mood and increases the engagement of guests by allowing them to talk openly and share ideas. Moreover, when tasty food is spread among the attendees, they stay focused and alert throughout the day to actively participate in the corporate event.

No matter how great your presentations are and how well you brand your event, your guests will remember the food that you served to them at the corporate event for years to come. Therefore, it is essential that you serve great food at your corporate event. 

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Cope with the Trends

As you can see from these trends, the corporate events are experiencing a major change. It is now more important than ever for you to consider the trends in the corporate scene to make your events successful. If you fail to keep pace with the trends and still keep on following the traditional practices of hosting corporate events, your events will lose their charm. Guests will stop attending your events since you are not offering them a unique experiencing.

In order to offer your guests a unique experience and make your events more engaging and memorable, start incorporating technology in your events and prioritize engagement of your attendees through unique activities like charity, fundraising, live-feeds, etc. Furthermore, choose the venues that are exciting and appealing and decorate them to reflect your company or the event. And, last but not least, give a clear message through your corporate event that you are genuinely concerned about the environment and are playing your part as a socially responsible company.

If you lack the experience to pull off a successful corporate event, we suggest you take help from The Great Event to plan your next corporate event. We will incorporate the latest trends in your corporate event to make your event unique and provide your guests the most memorable experience. We’ve successfully produced cutting-edge event experiences for Fortune 500 companies and national organizations. Give us the opportunity to deliver the same level of quality Diamond Certified customer service tailored to your company’s need.

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