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Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Planner for Your Event

Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Planner for Your Event

Trusting an outsider with the planning and execution of your event can be difficult, but taking full responsibility for it on your own isn’t a good idea either.

Event planning isn’t easy; it requires careful decision making and heedful considerations to make an evening memorable. This is why it’s best to leave the planning to the professionals. After all, it’s their job to make sure your event a success!

AgendaNeed more convincing to hire an event planner? Here a few ways they can make your life easier and your event a roaring success!

Save Money – With years of experience in the field, professional planners have a lot of contacts. This helps them employ the best services for your event, such as camera persons and transporters at discounted rates.

Transform Your Venue – Professional event planners can use special decor to transform venues according to the theme of the event.

Handle Emergencies – Event planners always have a plan B and C in case of unexpected emergencies. Hiring them ensures a safety net for your event. One thing’s for sure, in case of unfortunate circumstances your planner won’t let your evening turn into a disaster.

Hiring a professional event planner is, without a doubt, one of the wisest decisions you’ll make when organizing an event. So here’s how you can find and hire the perfect event planning service for your next event.

Set the Objectives for Your Event

If you don’t know the purpose of your event, planning for it can be a challenging task. Thus, the first step is to set the goals for the evening. Are you organizing a corporate event, a team building event, a high-profile conference or a simple meet up for networking? No matter what the magnitude of your event is, having the right planner on board can make a huge difference.

Conduct Extensive Research

Once you know what your event’s going to be about, start searching for your potential options. Narrow down the event planners according to their location, experience and expertise. If you’re hosting a corporate event, then make a list of all the renowned corporate event planners operating in your area.

ConversationInterview Candidates

After you have shortlisted the companies, meet with their representatives in person. Ask questions regarding their past events and have a detailed discussion about things like budget management, timeline, guest count and most importantly, your expectations from the event.

Consider Customer Feedback

One of the most important things to consider when hiring an event planner is their past customer feedback. You can easily find out what people have to say about a company on its website. This will give you clear insight into how the company works, and how are the final results delivered by the service.

Sign the Contract

One you’re sure you’ve found the perfect match, prepare a contract. Write down the negotiated terms and have both parties sign the paper. This will make sure your interests are safeguarded; you’ll also be able to hold the planner accountable in case of unfortunate mishaps.

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