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Party Planning: Jeopardy Edition

Party Planning: Jeopardy Edition

When hosting a party, why not plan your own game show themed party of Wheel of Fortune, Let’s Make a Deal or Jeopardy. When game shows sneak in their way to party themes—you have to plan all elements; from the games and décor to the invitations that you give out. For a jeopardy styled teambuilding game show— Jeopartyeach member of a team is sent to represent their team to play the classic Jeopardy action rounds until the team with highest points is crowned champion!

Here are a few DIY trivia game ideas that you can incorporate.

A customized jeopardy style board

Complete the full-blown authenticity of a jeopardy styled party by customizing a board with a variety of categories and questions using post-its. Some of these categories can be: Day in the Life, Hobbies, Future, Wedding, Favorite Movies or Deepest Secret— the possibilities are endless!

You can add a series of questions within these categories that will engage the guests. Since the point values go up as you go down the columns, make sure the questions get harder!

Theme songs and sound effects

A party is incomplete without music. At a game show themed party, be sure to incorporate theme music and customized sound effects! You can also rent some equipment for spotlights and a fog machine to complete the feel of the themed party.

Daily double challenges

To make the game more interesting, have the teams wager their points before the Final Jeopardy question for a daily double challenge. The daily double is a double-or-nothing round with bonuses for the team that wins. You can also get some prizes to reward the winners of the game.

Ideal for bridal showers

What better way to get to know the bride than a Wedding Jeopardy game that features questions in the “How Well Do You Know the Bride” category. The two teams can be the bride’s friends and her family who battle it out to win the ultimate prize— bragging rights! You can also incorporate fun jeopardy-wedding themed props and décor to tie it all together.

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