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Tips for Planning a Successful Corporate Event

Organizing a successful corporate event can be very tricky. There are many decisions that go into planning a corporate event for your company, from searching the right venue and determining the perfect menu to deciding the theme and planning activities of the event. Planning these essential details of a corporate event is not easy and if you don’t pay attention to the details, it can easily turn into your worst nightmare. At the day of the event, guests may be

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An Outdoor Corporate Event Can Boost Employee Morale

Many workers feel that office environments are highly stressful and competitive where even hard work is not fairly rewarded. Terms like ‘daily grind’ and the ‘rat race’ are mostly used to describe everyday work life. In such a stressful environment, boosting the morale of your team can be tough. When companies don’t pay attention to employee satisfaction they suffer from lack of productivity and low employee retention. Organizations must entertain their employees and strive to increase their satisfaction if they

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Hiring a Pro Event Planner by Committee

A few years ago, many companies stopped hiring professional event planners for corporate events and laid the responsibility of event planning on volunteer committees. The companies thought that they’ll be able to save money by not working with a third party for organizing events, but this, in many cases didn’t work. Why? Volunteer committees were able to handle small office meetings, but when it came to planning and organizing large corporate events, they experienced costly, time consuming pitfalls. The reason

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A Pro Event Planner vs. Committee

When attending an event, you might have noticed an individual who seems to be watching over everything, always attending phone calls, writing things on the notepad and managing the event. Well, in case you didn’t know, that person is called an event planner. Professional event planners are highly skilled in coordinating and managing every aspect of entertainment, professional, leisure or recreational events. Budgeting, venue selection, publicity, marketing, coordination, floor management, transportation, accommodation, decoration, design, stage setup, invites etc. are few

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On-site or Off-site Party?

The idea of a holiday party or company wide event should be something fun, exciting and a celebration that your employees will talk about for the ages. In fact, planning the holiday Christmas party is one of those important to-dos on any HR executives list.

Here are some questions to ask yourself. Are you throwing a yearend holiday party, a new product launch, milestone celebration or the new year kickoff event? Do you have the perfect location? Is it

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