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Event Trends

How to Increase Turnout at Your Next Event

Imagine spending countless hours planning an event. On the day of the event, majority of the guests who agreed to attend your event don’t show up. Seeing empty chairs at the event you planned can be demoralizing. Moreover, low attendance can affect the reputation of your company and may impact your future events. Therefore, it is important for you to increase turnout at your event. When it comes to increasing turnout, selling the value of the event to potential attendees

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Major Challenges Faced in Planning an Event and Their Solutions

Planning a corporate event can be an overwhelming task for those with no prior event planning experience. Great organizational skills are required to plan a corporate and these skills develop with experience. That said, planning can also be fun and it’s incredibly rewarding when you manage to pull off a successful event. Whether you are planning a product launch event of your company or organizing a conference, you are bound to face challenges in organizing the event. Unforeseen mishaps, scheduling

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Most Common Types of Corporate Events

Corporate events can range from sprawling conventions to small holiday office parties. Since there are many different types of corporate events, it can be hard to distinguish them. However, the basics of each corporate event are different and by understanding those basics, you can distinguish between different types of corporate events. We have compiled a list of most common types of corporate events. We’ll highlight the purpose of each corporate event and essential planning details required for each event. >>Read more

Things You Must Consider When Choosing the Event Venue

When organizing an event, a thousand different questions are thrown your way. Of all these questions, the most important is: Where will you hold your event? The venue affects the outcome of your event, so it’s critical that you choose the perfect venue. Yes, entertainment and cuisine are also important things that need your attention, but the venue of your event will set the scene and ultimately influence the experience of your guests. Therefore, you must be careful when choosing

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Corporate Event Ideas and Themes for this Winter

It might be gloomy and freezing outside, but don’t let that stop you from planning a corporate event, especially on one of those snowy days. The corporate event in winter should be different from events planned during other times of the year. Guests would love to attend an event that is planned keeping the season in mind. Some people love to just snuggle up under a blanket and watch their favorite series on NetFlix during winter, but those who really

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