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Event Trends
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Launching a New Product? A Launch Event is a Brilliant Idea!

Your company has been tirelessly working on a new product, and now, it’s finally time to unveil it. Making stakeholders like consumers and colleagues aware of a new product is a crucial part of ensuring its success. (more…)

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Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Planner for Your Event

Trusting an outsider with the planning and execution of your event can be difficult, but taking full responsibility for it on your own isn’t a good idea either. (more…)

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Event Catering Trends for 2019

Serving food at social events isn’t just about feeding the guests. It’s about making connections with people, showing hospitality to the attendees and creating a brand for your event. (more…)

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5 Questions to Ask When Hiring an Event Planner

Planning, organizing and executing an event all by yourself is never a good idea. The process leading up to the evening of the event requires a lot of heedful considerations and is prone to costly mistakes. But having an experienced event planner by your side in this situation can make a huge difference. (more…)

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Reasons You Should Have Entertainment at Your Corporate Event

Corporate events are the perfect way to bring together all employees and socialize. They get to enjoy a night of good food, good company, and get to see their hard work come to life. (more…)

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