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Event Trends

Creative Ideas For Corporate Picnics

Planning a company picnic? Here's some creative ideas for your corporate picnics: (more…)

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Easy Ways To Improve Employee Retention

A high employee turnover at your organization affects its reputation massively and not in a positive way. Employees resign from companies when they are unhappy and they see no solution to the problem. (more…)

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Teambuilding Activities to Boost Employee Motivation

Good employees that work day after day to help an organization achieve its vision are essential to the success of any business. Employees can make or break a company. They have a lot more power than employers realize. (more…)

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Tips To Organize A Successful Corporate Event

The event's concept helps you determine four main things: the whats, the whos, the whys and the hows. Once you know what the event's about, what you aim to achieve, who you'll be inviting and how you'll be scheduling it, you can decide other specifics accordingly. Here are some tips to help you organize a successful corporate event: (more…)

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Bridal Shower

Party Planning: Jeopardy Edition

When hosting a party, why not plan your own game show themed party of Wheel of Fortune, Let’s Make a Deal or Jeopardy. When game shows sneak in their way to party themes—you have to plan all elements; from the games and décor to the invitations that you give out. For a jeopardy styled teambuilding game show— Jeopartyeach member of a team is sent to represent their team to play the classic Jeopardy action rounds until the

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